In a YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong, Pregnant 19-Year-Old Kills Father of Her Child

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“Do it for the Vine” was a term coined during the app’s peak days, back in the early to mid-2010s. But, with the social media application now defunct (RIP), it’s back to doing everything for YouTube. Sadly, ~doing it for the YouTube video~ is how one young man lost his life… at the hands of his teenage girlfriend.

According to Star Tribune, 19-year-old MonaLisa Perez shot and killed her 22-year-old boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, in a YouTube stunt gone horribly wrong.

Here’s what was supposed to happen: the 22-year-old male was supposed to hold a book against his chest — which he did — while she shot at the book with a gun — which she did. He reportedly showed her a different book than the one they ended up using (which was an encyclopedia, FYI) with a bullet hole in it, and it didn’t go all the way through, so he figured theirs should work out the same way. But we all know what happened.

Soon after tweeting about their “dangerous” video shoot, Perez was left with a hole in his chest, and died from the injury. MonaLisa, in turn, was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter, which is considered a felony that carries out a reported maximum sentence of 10 years, a fine of $20,000 or both.

“He had told me about that idea,” his aunt told WDAY-TV, “and I said, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Why are you going to use a gun? Why?'”

She quoted him as replying, “‘Because we want more viewers. We want to get famous.'”

To make matters even worse, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Aaliyah, was nearby, plus MonaLisa’s pregnant with their unborn son, who’s expected in late September.
Sadly, 2016 marked a tragic time for YouTubers as well:

Christina Grimmie

Christina's death just may have been one of the most shocking of the year — and the way she died was even more unexpected.

After a concert in Orlando, Florida, a man named Kevin Loibl walked up to the singer and shot her multiple times. The attacker was tackled by Christina's brother, Mark, but he wriggled free and killed himself after. She died in the hospital later that night.

Recently, a photo emerged of the killer watching her performance earlier that evening and just after the murder it was revealed that he was obsessed with the The Voice finalist and underwent surgery to become more physically attractive to appeal to her.

Photo: Instagram

Charlotte Eades

Charlotte bravely documented her battle with brain cancer on her YouTube channel before she died at the young age of 19. Since she passed away on February 25, her mother has continued to post video using her daughter's account where she candidly describes the feelings of going through this type of loss (warning: those vids are really tough to watch without crying).

Photo: Facebook

Phillip Klemenov

This YouTube gamer, made famous by his Call of Duty videos posted to his channel called PhiZZURP, unfortunately lost his life in a car accident on October 2. His girlfriend posted a tweet just after the accident saying, "My baby passed away today about 15 minutes ago. Everybody keep good memories of him. Rest In Peace my angel."

PhiZZURP had posted a live stream earlier in the evening before he and his girlfriend, along with one of their friends, were in the fatal accident. According to The Sun, "Alcohol and speed appear to be factors in the crash."

Photo: Twitter

Kristie Holly Naimi

Although she was born with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, it wasn't the condition that took her life. At age 20, Kristie was diagnosed with cancer and fought hard until she died on March 29, at age 21.

Other celebs like Kian Lawley, Wesley Stromberg and James Lafferty took to social media to express their sadness and post pics in memorium of the YouTuber.

Photo: Instagram

Alec Rememda

Alec's YT channel gained a lot of recognition when other YouTuber, Tom Cassell, made a video of the two of them hanging out during Alec's wish for the Make-A Wish Foundation, which was basically just to spend a day with Tom. The teen made a few videos and described his channel as "Gaming and stories of my journey through cancer." Tom posted a tearful video a few days after Alec lost his battle on July 21, 2016.

Photo: YouTube

Boris Tapic

Boris tragically died on November 13th after battling cancer. The Serbian gamer and tech reviewer hadn't posted a video in over five months when it was revealed that he had died and no specifics about the type of cancer he battled were given, either.

Photo: Twitter

Glenn Webb

Even though Glenn was only 40 years old, it was reported that he died in his sleep just over three months ago. Friends and family of the action figure and toy reviewer opted out of explaining the exact causes of his death, but most fans assume it was a brain aneurysm from the statements released.

Photo: YouTube

Joshua Brown

On May 7, Josh died in a car accident. The creepy part? His vehicle was a Tesla self-driving car. He frequently posted videos of himself enjoying cruising the highways hands-free, but it was doing exactly that which led to his untimely death.

Photo: YouTube

Kevin Ferguson

Rolling Stone called this guy "The King of the Web Brawlers" when his street fighting vids went viral on YT. In June, Kimbo brought himself into a Colorado hospital and died there from heart failure and an un-diagnosed mass on his liver. He had six children and a long-time fiancee at the time of his passing.

Photo: Twitter


Laura gained over 100,000 subscribers with her videos role playing with very lifelike dolls. She died on January 19 due to complications with her diabetes. While her family has decided to leave her videos on the web, they've disabled all comments so that her preserved videos can stay hate-free.

Photo: YouTube

Matt Wright

This YouTube star was an experienced glider who gained thousands of subscribers with his cool videos showing himself flying high above England. Matt sadly died doing the thing he loved on December 3rd.

In a video he posted shortly before the wreck, he quoted Abe Lincoln saying, "it's not the years of your life that count. it's the life in your years." Matt certainly lived life to the fullest and he is survived by his children.

Photo: YouTube

Steve Smith

Steve died on September 28th of a brain tumor that he had been fighting for two years. He had a passion for riding and reviewing roller coasters worldwide. Lucky for Steve, thousands of subscribers loved to watch him experience his main hobby.

Although he was unable to ride any coasters since his diagnosis two years before he passed, he continued to stay in the roller-coaster-enthusiast community by filming and editing other people's videos. Rest in Peace.

Photo: Twitter

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