10 of the Weirdest Minions Products You Didn’t Know Actually Exist

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Minions are the cutest things to ever happen to us, with the exception of, like, puppies. And kittens. And baby pigs. And tiny sloths. OKAY so maybe they are a little strange, but we love ’em nonetheless. Nobody really knows what they’re saying, but we get the gist, and that’s all that matters. Since Despicable Me 3 is hitting theaters very soon, a little birdy told us that there’s some new Minions merch on the shelves of your favorite stores to celebrate!

We’ve all seen the ordinary — Minions lunch boxes, Minions posters, Minions baseball caps — but you most likely have NOT seen some strange AF items for purchase. These are the craziest, weirdest, most unnecessary objects of the century… in Minions form. Shop on, shoppers!

Cookie Cutters, $25.00

Because we like our minions #baked.

Photo: Etsy

Puma Sneakers, $55.00

In case you know a little kid that NEEDS to run behind Gru all day.

Photo: Puma

Bop It!, $14.99

Disclaimer: it does NOT speak Minion, but it's still really freakin' hilarious and actually kinda fun.

Photo: Best Buy

Button-Down Shirt, $19.99

The perfect gift for Dad! Ya know, if he's insane and/or a Minion Stan.

Photo: Kohl's

Toast Cutters, $12.99

Part of a balanced breakfast.

Photo: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Car Accessories, $101.84

So you can roll up to #bae's pad lookin' fly. Or psycho.

Photo: Jet

Laptop Keyboard Cover, $15.99

Seriously, just imagine whipping this baby out at school or work...now THAT'S a conversation starter.

Photo: ebay

Crystal Chain, $19.98

If you're a baller on a budget.

Photo: Etsy

Business Card Holder, $17.49

In case you need to give a villain your business card, and you want him to know you're DTM (down to minion).

Photo: ebay

Cat Costumes, $14.95

Minions? More like, Meowions.

Photo: Pawsome Couture

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