6 Female YouTube Stars Who Got Their Very Own RiceGum Diss Track

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You know you’re pretty famous if you get your own diss track from the Master himself, RiceGum. Some people like Team 10‘s own Tessa Brooks got a line in the “Its EveryNight Sis” tune (“Tessa’s hideous,” he rapped) in response to team leader Jake Paul‘s “It’s Everyday Bro” video, but only a select few get the ~honor~ of having an entire jam dedicated entirely to them.

While not everyone has their own diss track, basically no one is safe from the 20-year-old’s wrath. It doesn’t matter if you’re a YouTuber, or a musical.ly star, a guy, or a girl — RiceGum thinks everyone is fair game. If we rounded up all the stars that have been dissed by RG, the below list would’ve gone on, like, for-eh-ver. Instead, we narrowed it down to the famous females who got whole tunes dedicated to bringing them down. #GOALS *rolls eyes*

Gabbie Hanna (a.k.a. The Gabbie Show)

"Made it seem like I beat her a** // I ain't lay a finger on that b*tch at all // I thought she was high up, but the thing she doin' is really low // This thot made a lie up, so f*ck her and her sh*tty show."

Vlogger Gabbie Hanna accused RiceGum of physically assaulting her at a party back in March. The male YouTuber denied the claims, and the two have been battling it out via YT videos (as YouTubers will) ever since.

RG continued, "Now she claiming that I scratched her up // That I beat her a** and I pinned her down // All the lies, yeah they getting old, like they been around."

Photo: Instagram (@thegabbieshow)

Baby Ariel

"People said Ariel dissin' I should roast her // After this diss track, your career is over // I'ma call you Shrek, cuz you look like an ogre // Heard you got accepted for your next role as the Joker."

Musical.ly star Baby Ariel posted a reaction video to RiceGum's diss track and the first thing she said was. "That's so stupid." In a later vid, she called him "funny," clearly backtracking on her criticisms so she didn't continue getting roasted. Sorry Ariel — nobody is safe from the boss.

Photo: Instagram (@babyariel)

Madison Beer

"Madison, you're right // I'm only thinking 'bout myself // I roasted all these kids and never thought 'bout how they felt."

Almost a year ago, singer Madison Beer posted a video in which she says she has "no opinion" on RiceGum, because she doesn't know him personally. But THEN, she proceeded to talk about how he was just a big bully and wasn't using his fame to spread positivity (kinda true TBH). Obviously, he had to fire back.

The tune went on to say, "Why'd you roast me, Madison? // Only big cuz your boyfriend // Jack is trash at what he does // Leeching fame that must be tough." OUCH!

Photo: Instagram (@madisonbeer)

Mackenzie Ziegler

"How you on Insta // You ain't even make the age limit // You or Bugs Bunny? It's the same difference // And you're stuck in the shadow of your own sister // She has more followers, but your teeth are bigger."

12-year-old Mackenzie Ziegler posted a video in which she completely roasts RiceGum, saying he "needs to get a life." Bad idea, girlfriend. You know what that means — diss track!

"Roast me, now you think that you're cool // Said I need to get a life, but you need to go to school // Can't read and you can't pronounce any vowels // Your fans are weak, and my fans got my back like an owl."

Photo: Instagram (@kenzieziegler)

Arii (of TheyLoveArii)

"Your talent nonexistent, like your eyebrows."

After RiceGum critiqued 14 y/o Arii's "cringey" musical.ly (saying she looked like the Mona Lisa) , the social media star responded to the comment by tweeting that the "roast was kinda dry." RG, in his usual manner, decided to clap back with a #wetroast. Here's what he rapped:

"You're a bootleg Ariel, you're not as big // You watch her every move and you copy it // She'll always be above you, you should probably quit // How you got 3 million for moving your lips?"

Photo: Instagram (@arii)

Zoie Burgher

"All your young viewers wanna bang // Showin' off your body for some change // Yeah I bet your parents are ashamed."

Zoie Burgher, a practically overnight social media sensation, randomly started tweeting at RiceGum one day, saying she hated him and that he sucks. Will people never learn?

Apparently, the tweets came about because she was holding a grudge about a time when the YouTuber hung up on her during a livestream. Uh, okay? RiceGum, do your thing:

"Nudes got leaked, nipples lookin' strange // And I'm pretty sure your p*ssy stank // Gaining more than me? That's not true // 4 mil and you at 700k."

Photo: Instagram (@zoieburgherzoieburgher)

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