6 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Outshine Their Famous Twins

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While you may think being a twin is #goals, it’s actually quite tough. Not only do you have to share, like, everything, but there’s almost always some serious competition that’s pretty much built into your relationship — even celebrity twins face the struggle of living in their sibling’s shadow at times! There are some famous people who have a twin who’s not interested in the spotlight at all, but then there are others who rose in Hollywood with their sib…and that’s where things get tricky.

We’re just gonna say it — not all celebrity twins are equally as famous as each other. But TBH, even the less famous brother/sister is usually doing juuuuust fine. Heck, we’d trade places with them in a heartbeat! There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition, if you ask us!

Cole Sprouse

There's plenty of room for both of the Sprouse twins in our hearts, but it seems like Cole has been taking the lead in terms of fame lately.

While Dylan Sprouse has been pursuing things like photography and opening a bar in Brooklyn, NY, his brother is currently dominating Hollywood once again as one of the stars of The CW's hottest new show, Riverdale.

Photo: Instagram (@dylansprouse)

Peyton List

Did you guys know that Peyton List had a twin? Yeah, us either. But she does, and his name is Spencer List.

While the blonde is known her role as Emma Rose on Disney Channel's Jessie and Bunk'd, her brother (who's also an actor) hasn't gotten his BIG break yet.

Photo: Instagram (@peytonlist)

Willow Shields

Unfortunately for her, Autumn Shields is usually referred to as "Willow's twin sister," because she's definitely less famous.

Autumn acts too — she can be seen in 2011's Beyond the Blackboard — But Willow's IMDb has a lot more going on; we mean, she was in the freakin' Hunger Games movies!

Photo: Instagram (@willowshields)

Siva Kaneswaran

Siva Kaneswaran is a model and former member of The Wanted who happens to have a twin named Kumar! His sibling also models, but he never really achieved worldwide success like his brother did thanks to being in a once-popular band.

Photo: YouTube

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn is best known for playing Iceman in the X-Men movies, but he's also got roles on The Following and Conviction. With such an impressive resume, it's no wonder it's hard for his twin brother to steal the spotlight.

You might have seen Aaron Ashmore's biggest acting cred was probably his reoccurring gig on Smallville from 2006-2011. While he's continued to pick up roles since he left that show, none have been as exciting as his brother's jobs.

Photo: Instagram (@shawnrashmore)

Jenna Bush Hager

Former president George W. Bush's daughter is a teacher, author and journalist. She's also a news correspondent on NBC, and has a whopping 152k followers on Twitter. Oh, and she has a twin.

Barbara Bush graduated from Yale and does a ton of non-profit work, but mostly keeps out of the spotlight...unlike her little sis.

Photo: Instagram (@jennabhager)

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