7 Internet Stars Who Got Into Fights with Security at This Year’s VidCon

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The Internet stars who attended VidCon 2017 are some of the most popular people on the planet right now, which is why they have CRAZY (in a good way, of course) fan bases that just won’t quit. But their popularity online, combined with a variety of other factors, led to some trouble at the convention this year — many of the vloggers even got kicked out of the event!

Some of those who got in trouble didn’t do anything wrong, and were simply involved in dangerous situations. Others, however, caused some major drama by being hardcore #divas and deserved to get their booty handed to them. Here are all the YouTubers, Musers, Instagrammers, YouNowers, etc., who got into hardcore feuds with VidCon security guards at this year’s event:

Logan Paul

If you randomly ran into Logan Paul at VidCon, what would YOU do? We would obviously tackle him to the ground and force him to profess his love for us. Duh. And that's like... not far from what fans at this year's convention actually did when they saw him walking around outside.

The former Viner caused quite the scene by walking through a huge crowd at this year's Internet event. In fact, fans were swarming him to the point where it became dangerous! Security guards had to battle, like, a million teenage girls just to get to him, and when they reached him, they actually tackled him to the ground and forcibly removed him from the convention center.

He got kicked out for the remainder of VidCon for causing all the drama. Don't worry though, he escaped with only a few minor scratches.

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@loganpaul)


RiceGum's arrival at VidCon had a similar effect — when he came down the escalator onto the main concourse of the event, an enormous mob of fans approached him and he had to go hide backstage with his crew.

The YouTuber likes the attention, so he didn't try to stop them when the swarm was occurring. Some reports even say he instigated the situation more than necessary. To prevent further disruption of the convention, VidCon officials clipped his wristband and asked him to leave the premises.

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@rice)

Bryce Hall

Musical.ly sensation Bryce Hall got into two fights at VidCon. In one, he battled the boys of The Bomb Digz, because one of the members of the musical group said something nasty to him.

During the fight, the boys were beating each other up and literally rolling around on the ground trying to get on top of each other. An unlucky security guard involved himself by jumping into the growing dog pile. Let's just say...nobody escaped unharmed.

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@brycehall)

FaZe Adapt

FaZe Adapt was a member of RiceGum's YouTube crew at VidCon. The squad created some major crowds at the venue, to the point where it got dangerous for both fans and talent.

The staff had to place a few phone calls to get the kids out safely, but they finally did it and made them leave for good. While the boys weren't too happy that they had to leave, it was probably better in the long run. They exchanged a couple of indecencies with the security guards, but eventually went on their way.

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@thefazeadapt)

Christian Burns

Christian Burns could be considered an Instagram model, but he's, like, not that famous. At the time he attended VidCon, he had just over 20,000 followers on the platform, but definitely 'em go to his head.

One of the security guards at the event was just doing his job — handling an unruly attendee. But the teen took it upon himself to get involved, calling the guard "ugly as f*ck" and telling him to kill himself. Uhmmm, NOT OKAY.

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@extraburns)

Danny Duncan

Danny pulled a prank at last year's VidCon and security didn't think it was funny. However, at the time, they didn't say anything about him not being allowed back this year.

The YouTuber flew all the way out to Florida in the hopes of meeting a bunch of his viewers, but when he got there security wouldn't let him inside. Let's just say he wasn't thrilled and he fought with a guard about it for quite some time before finally giving up and going home. We wonder if there's a revenge prank on the horizon?

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@dannyduncan69)

George Janko

George Janko was trying to escape a rabid horde of fans by slipping through a door into the main concourse of the VidCon venue. Security saw him trying to get inside and a misunderstanding ensued.

They dragged the YouTuber into a back room to interrogate him and, eventually, started getting aggressive. George said he didn't do anything wrong, but the guards refused to back down. They got even angrier when he insisted on leaving his video camera on during the whole thing — so luckily for us, the whole fight is on YouTube!

See the video here.

Photo: Instagram (@georgejanko)

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