YouTuber Channon Rose is PREGNANT After Lengthy Battle with Infertility

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If you’re subscribed to Channon Rose on YouTube (which, BTW, you totally should be!!), you know that she and her husband Travis Dean want nothing more than to start a family. The couple, however, was unable to get pregnant on their own, so they turned to painful, expensive fertility treatments to help them bring a baby into the world. The 31- and 39-year-olds have taken subscribers along on their emotionally and physically exhausting journey through infertility that, at times, made them so defeated that theyjust wanted to give up. They say that the universe works in mysterious ways, however, because just a couple weeks after doctors told the YouTubers they only had one viable embryo for transfer and that they’d probably have to go through another round of IVF, they found out some amazing news — they’re PREGNANT!!

The model made the exciting announcement on her Instagram page over the weekend. She wrote:

“We’ve waited SO long to be able to tell you WE ARE FINALLY PREGNANT! I still can’t believe it. We found out today. You all have been on this journey with us, the ups the downs, the surgeries, the countless IUI & IVF fertility procedures. This road has been a tough one, but the blood, sweat, tears, panic attacks, painful procedures, surgeries & heartache have all been SO WORTH IT to be able to make it to this point. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting us every step of the way. We love you so much & we are so proud to finally share this with you. We plan to document everything so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (the vlog channel) & follow me live on YouNow. I will keep you all updated there. OMG, I’M FREAKING PREGNANT YOU GUYS!!!”

The YouTuber also recorded the moment she found out that the pregnancy test was positive — warning: get your tissues ready!

We are so so so so SO excited for Channon and Travis and absolutely cannot wait to meet their little bundle of joy.

Here are 6 of the most shocking YouTube star pregnancy announcements of all time:

The time Zoe Sugg addressed pregnancy rumors

Remember when Zoe (better known as Zoella) was 'pregnant?' Well, kinda...

In April 2016, the rumor mill was out of control when it came to Zoe and her mommy status. It all started when the British beauty hadn't stuck to her usual video-uploading schedule and was quiet on social media for a few days. Instead of thinking that she was on vacay or simply taking a break from her Internet fame, fans jumped to a BIG conclusion… that she was pregnant.

"If I haven't been online, there will always be a reason for that," she tweeted on April 6. Before the beauty guru could explain the ACTUAL reason for her absence , people began tweeting about her the apparent pregnancy. Zoe fired back, saying she was preggers… sort of. "@exrnlouise I think I've been pregnant for 2 years now! Haha." Touche!

Photo: Instagram (@zoella)

The moment Jesse Wellens announced he might be a father

Jesse dropped not one, but two major bombs on his fans in just a matter of days. First, he and longtime girlfriend Jeana Smith (the other half of PrankvsPrank) announced that they were no longer a couple. It was MAJOR news and shocked many people, but what happened next is even crazier. The 33-year-old YouTuber took to Twitter and revealed that he think's he's a father and that is now searching for the girl!

"What if I told you I might have a 14yr daughter I never met? And she watches my videos and doesn't know I'm her dad. This is the honest to god truth. I been keeping something crazy from you guys. I can't keep it in anymore," he tweeted and then deleted. He then wrote, "Ok yes I may have a daughter. We never met and its killing me. It's a long and crazy story. I need to get off my chest and find her." Whoa!

Photo: Instagram (@jessewelle)

When Miranda Sings was suddenly 'pregnant'

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger-Evans is bringing her baby to a TV near you very, very soon. Confused? Don't worry, we'll explain. In January 2016, Colleen, who is better known as Miranda Sings, announced she was 'pregnant' in two different videos.

"But just like the Virgin Mary, God has blessed me with a gift. I have a baby," she said in her reveal video. "This baby is my very own TV show on Netflix!" You got us, Coll!

Photo: Instagram (@colleenb123)

When Sam and Nia's baby journey was controversial AF

Sam and Nia Rader have gone through a LOT on the pregnancy front, and we've watched it all unravel online. In August 2015, the couple announced they were expecting a baby in a now-viral video where the 30-year-old took his wife's pee from the toilet to test and see if she was pregnant and then told her the good news on camera. Sadly, the couple had a miscarriage just days after revealing the news, which led to both positive and negative reactions. Some people accused the couple of faking the pregnancy for views, and others criticized the fact that they never went to the doctor following the loss of the fetus. A couple months later after a little break from YT, the pair announced they were expecting again, despite all the negativity.

Photo: Instagram (@samandnia)

When GloZell Green FINALLY announced that she was becoming a mom

One of the most OMG moments of 2015 was when GloZell revealed she was finally going to have a baby after years of infertility. The green-lipped comedian was told by numerous doctors that she would NEVER be a mother because she suffered from endometriosis, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. In December, the 43-year-old star announced that she was going to have a baby… via surrogate.

Photo: Instagram (@glozell)

When the world found out Sharissa Turk was pregnant at the time of her death

Sadly, not all shocking baby news is a good thing. In March 2016, Sharissa, who was famously known on YouTube for portraying a "drug fairy" in a White Trash Clan music video, died of a suspected overdose. The 25-year-old woman, who made a name for herself in the viral video for "My World Is Blue," was found unconscious in Staten Island, New York, by her boyfriend, but couldn't be revived.

The most shocking and heartbreaking part is that the young social media star was 8 months pregnant at the time of her death. She was also the second person who was in the drug-themed video to die from narcotics-related causes.

Photo: YouTube

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