14 Weird AF Spider-Man Products in Honor of Spider-Man: Homecoming

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So, you looked forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming for MONTHS and couldn’t wait to see if Tom Holland was the right choice to play the superhero. The movie is FINALLY here and it did not disappoint at all. You are absolutely obsessed with the newest addition to the Marvel film universe, and you want EVERYONE to know it. Well, luckily for you, we’ve figured out a couple of subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways for you to show off your appreciation for all things Spider-Man.

Listen…before you click through the gallery below and see an assortment of Spidey-approved products, we have to warn you — they’re pretty freakin’ weird. Like, ‘totally outside of the box of what’s generally acceptable’, weird. But hey, just because your friends may make fun of you for actually spending your money on these items doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasure of purchasing them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

Spider-Man Art Deco Wall Light, $23.99

If you're scared in the middle of the night, this creepy hand protruding from your wall will freak out out even more light the way to the bathroom!

Photo: Target

Spider-Man Suspenders, $14.95

Literally just picture someone wearing these at work.

Photo: Buckle Down

Spider-Man Karaoke Machine, $17.99

So you can perform the entire Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack in front of your (imaginary) bae's family on Saturday nights.

Photo: NewEgg.com

Spider-Man Lingerie, $37.50

In case you want to reveal your ~superpowers~ to your S.O. ;)

Photo: Etsy

Spider-Man Cologne, $12.79

What does Spider-Man even smell like? Sweat? Nature? Who knows!

Photo: The Perfume Spot

Spider-Man Fidget Spinner, $5.69

To relieve all the stress you have from your paralyzing arachnophobia.

Photo: TinyDeal.com

Spider-Man Compression Shirt, $24.99

For showing off your superhuman strength at the gym.

Photo: IAmSuperhero.com

Spider-Man Fan Grill, $1.99

So that you can ~subtly~ show your houseguests how much you LOVE Spider-Man.

Photo: Aero Cooler

Spider-Man Chalk Bag Shell, $15.00

The meTa chalk bag was created for rock climbers and mountain climbers. But it wasn't, like, cute, so they made some interchangeable shells! Now, thanks to this bad boy, everyone in the mountains can admire your superhero style.

Photo: Etsy

Spider-Man Sunglasses, $6.99

These shades actually protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays, which is an added bonus to looking SuPeR KeWl!!!

Photo: eBay

Spider-Man Bookends, $42.00

Never stack your Spider-Man comic books again!

Photo: Etsy

Spider-Man Mask, $19.99

This mask features eyes that move around when the wearer opens his or her mouth. Because it needs to look realistic, OFC.

Photo: Toys R Us

Spider-Man Optical Illusion Bust, $39.99

This 3D optical illusion LED Spider-Man bust sits on your nightstand. Or desk. Or dresser. Now THAT'S some serious personal style.

Photo: OpticalLamp.com

Spider-Man Drink Tumbler, $19.99

Because it's cuter than a red Solo cup.

Photo: Bonanza.com

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