Singer Accuses Demi Lovato of Copying Song ’cause, Like, 5 Words Are the Same

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Demi Lovato has been accused of ripping off other artists’ music in the past, and NGL, we kindasorta see where they were coming from. “Cool for the Summer” did, for example, remind us a WHOLE lot of Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed a Girl.” Bebe Rexha is now pointing the finger of blame at the 24-year-old crooner, because she claims DL’s new tune “Sorry Not Sorry” contains the “exact lyrics” from her track, “Bad Bitch.” Time to investigate…

As you know, we don’t often let Demi get away with shenanigans; when she does something that’s effed up, we’ll 100 percent call her out. But in this case, it’s definitely the 27-year-old who’s starting unnecessary drama. Let’s just go through both songs’ lyrics for a second, shall we?

“Bad Bitch:”

“You’re f*ckin’ with them basics when you really want the baddest
So come on, baby, get it, ’cause to miss it, it would be tragic
You say you want a bad bitch, baby, now you have it
Now you got a bad bitch, show me you can handle this”

“Sorry Not Sorry:”

“Now payback is a bad bitch
And baby, I’m the baddest
You f*ckin’ with a savage
Can’t have this, can’t have this”

To recap, the overlapping words are — “bad bitch,” “baddest,” and “f*cking with.” Sorry not sorry (see what we did there?), Bebe, but that is NO WAY enough evidence to say the new jam is a rip-off.

9 Pop Musicians Who Were Accused of Ripping Off Another Artist’s Music Video:

Camila Cabello & Machine Gun Kelly 'Bad Things' v. The 1975 'Robbers'

Seems like where Camila goes, controversy follows... especially in the end of 2016. Just before she unexpectedly upped and left her girl group, Fifth Harmony, the 19-year-old pop singer dropped a vid with Machine Gun Kelly for their hit song, "Bad Things."

While the release should've been something to celebrate, almost immediately they were bombarded by fans commenting on how they stole the concept for the video from a 2014 music video by English rock band, The 1975. Frick. If you watch the two vids back to back, they are SUPER similar. However, both kind of take on the idea of a modern-day "Bonnie and Clyde" so, of course, it's POSSIBLE that Cam and MGK just happened to think up the same idea.

Watch Camilla & Machine Gun Kelly's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: Dirty Hit & Polydor / Bad Boy & Interscope

Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' v. Lil Debbie 'Ratchets'

Miley is no stranger to plagiarism claims. Way back in 2006, her song "Rockstar" was accused of sounding wayyyy too similar to Lustra's "Scotty Doesn't Know," before the parties eventually settled the case.

More recently, Lil Debbie said in an interview that she believed Miley got the idea for her "We Can't Stop" video from "Ratchets." The unsigned artist said of the copying, "She used all the same dancers that were in my music video. The man that helped me style 'Ratchets,' his boss styled her music video. A lot of my friends from LA were in her music video. She's wearing a two-piece onesie, all white. I mean, if you go and watch them, they're very similar."

It's up to you to decide based on the links alone, but honestly, neither artist should be all-too proud of their video... both were accused of objectifying black, female bodies and using them as props! Looks like the Hannah Montana star MAY have chosen the wrong vid to rip off!

Watch Miley's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: Give N Go Sounds & Dumbluck / RCA

One Direction 'You & I' v. Clubfeet 'Everything You Wanted'

1D gets a lot of crap for being unoriginal. We mean, most of their songs have been subject to copyright infringement allegations (whatevs, we still love 'em!). It was their video for "You & I" that took heat for stealing from the Aussie band, Clubfeet. The group released a statement calling out the English/Irish foursome for taking their concept (which is basically someone walking into a freeze-frame version of himself... you can see it for yourself below) with a public statement including, "The wider problem is, that plagiarism and copycatting is becoming increasingly common and acceptable. When did we, society, become so complacent as to allow this kind of behavior to become normal practice in the media industry?" Shots fired.

To make Directioners even more P.O.'d, the video then got taken off of YouTube. The case was dropped (it's V hard to sue over an 'idea') and "You & I" made its way back onto YT so all was set right in the world again.

Watch One Direction's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: Clubfeet / Columbia

Rihanna ft. Drake 'What's My Name' v. Shakira ft. Maluma 'Chantaje'

Shakira and Rihanna seem to be tight, so it's a little surprising that the Latina would blatantly rip off RiRi's 2010 music video... six years later! The beginning of both vids are nearly identical: A pink-haired Shakira/Rihanna walks through a convenience store, grabbing the attention of Maluma/Drake who then approaches the female singer while she stands at the refrigerators. Perhaps Shakira meant to pay her Barbadian friend homage in her Spanish music video, but Rih's fans DRAGGED bilingual singer online when they noticed the similarities.

Watch Shakira's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: Def Jam / Ace Entertainment

Britney Spears 'Everytime' v. Rihanna 'Stay'

There are SO MANY music videos that feature a bathtub scene that it almost seems silly that these two were singled out as a rip-off case. The only reason is basically that the way the two pop stars undress before getting into the bath looks very alike, and they both are very sad. But there are MAJOR differences — for example, the blonde basically dies in her tub! Are we going to ignore that?

Other artists in the music video bathtub hall of fame are Mariah Carey in "Shake it Off" and Selena Gomez in "Hands to Myself."

Watch Rihanna's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: Jive / Def Jam

Rihanna 'S&M' v. David LaChapelle 'Photography'

Okay, the last case of Rihanna's accused plagiarism may have be BS in our opinion, but this one is definitely a bit more... convincing. The associated photo is just one of the many examples of the visual similarities between scenes in "S&M" and several David LaChapelle pictures. While he'd originally sought upwards of $1 million dollars for the infringement, the two artists ended up settling the case and he was reportedly "happy with the settlement," which means RiRi paid up big time!

Watch Rihanna's Music Video Here!

Check Out the "Original" Artwork Here!

Photo: David LaChapelle / Def Jam

Katy Perry 'The One That Got Away' & 'Teenage Dream' v. Rihanna, 'We Found Love' v. Ariana Grande 'Into You'

Okay, this one's a doozy. The premise of all four videos is a young couple getting kind of *cray & reckless*, but in an artsy way. That said, all of them have a different element that slightly varies one from the others. One "damning piece of evidence," however, is that in "The One That Got Away" and "We Found Love" each set of partners give each other handmade tattoos.

"Into You," on the other hand, honestly just feels like a conglomeration of a lot of different music videos, though it definitely has the same overall concept as Katy and Rih's 2010/2011/2012 music videos. (It's worth noting that the pinkish/blue hue over the music video — ESPECIALLY in the motel room — gives off total Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean" video vibes, too!) Watch all four vids and decide which you think is the best and if there's any argument for fans who said there was obviously some idea-stealing behind-the-scenes!

Watch the "Teenage Dream" Music Video Here!

Watch the "One That Got Away" Music Video Here!

Watch the "We Found Love" Music Video Here!

Watch the "Into You" Music Video Here!

Photo: Def Jam / Capitol Records / Republic

Pharrell 'Happy' v. Anne Marsen Video Girl Walk // All Day

Pharrell's "Happy" music video sparked a debate on whether he stole the "dancing all day" idea from an art piece by artist and creator, Anne Marsen. The actress and dancer made a 71-minute video piece called Girl Walk where she danced around NYC to Girl Talk's album All Day. According to Pharrell's team, no one had seen or even heard of Girl Walk before the criticism arose.

Anne struck back in an interview with Spin saying, "It's a great thing that dance is getting recognition as a long-form kind of thing, because we want to be making more projects that we're dreaming up now that are in this form. Yet at the same time we feel like we're not getting the recognition for [the 'Happy' music video]."

Watch Pharell's Music Video Here!

Watch Part 1 of the "Original" Here!

Photo: Back Lot Music / Vimeo

Britney Spears 'Make Me' v. Aleyna Dalveren 'Havam Yerinde'

Just to wrap things up with probably the most obvious example of music video plagiarism thus far, the Turkish pop-star, Aleyna, seems to have copied "Make Me" practically shot for shot. What's even more bizarre is the near immediate turn-around: Aleyna's MV debuted less than a month after Brit's!

While a lot of the examples on our list are big-time artists copying the smaller-artists' work to make it pass as their own... this one is the opposite! Did Aleyna think people wouldn't notice the similarities? And does Britney care enough to sue? Those are the big Q's!

Watch Ayena's Music Video Here!

Watch the "Original" Here!

Photo: RCA / Seyhan Müzik

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