11 Times Rob Kardashian Dissed a Member of His Own Family

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Rob Kardashian used to be cute, funny, AND super-tight with his star-studded fam. But lately, he’s been kind of a jerk… to everyone, including his siblings. The 29-year-old has been struggling with various mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression, for the past few years now, and unfortunately his illness caused him to do things that were extremely inappropriate and totally uncool.

The KarJenner Klan is extremely close and truly believes that family comes before everything, so they always forgive their brother for his effed-up actions. But seeing as Rob is now notorious for going on borderline-psycho, diss-drenched social media rampages that are usually directed toward those he is related to, we don’t know how much longer they’ll be able to forgive and forget. Scroll down to view a slideshow of all the times he dissed his fam PUBLICLY and without an ounce of shame. #Rude.

That Time He Called Kim 'Fat Feet'

During Kim Kardashian's first pregnancy, she experienced something that all pregnant women have encountered — swollen feet. But instead of being sensitive to her discomfort, Rob thought it would be funny to nickname her "fat feet," which hurt her feelings because she was getting a lot of media attention from it already. Let's just say he didn't feel bad.

Photo: Instagram (@kimkardashian)

That Time He Blew Off Kim's Wedding

When Kim K sent out her wedding invites, Rob was included (obviously). And since he RSVP'd "yes", everyone expected him to show up... OBVIOUSLY. Well, in a classic a-hole move, her baby bro flew all the way to Europe to attend the ceremony and then — wait for it — DID NOT SHOW UP.

The 29-year-old said he was feeling incredibly uncomfortable with his body at the time (he had recently gained a lot of weight) and felt anxiety over being photographed at the wedding.

Photo: Instagram (@kimkardashian)

That Time He Told Kim to Change Her Outfit

Rob is known for dressing casually — he can usually be seen out and about in jeans or sweatpants, even at formal events. While most people think that is inappropriate (it is), he thinks his sisters are the ones dressing offensively.

In a rampage against Kim for ~trying too hard~, he aggressively suggested that she change her outfit. You just don't say that to a girl, or ANYONE for that matter.

Photo: E!

That Time He Blasted Kim on Instagram

Once, when Kim and Rob got into a fight, he posted a screenshot of a scene from the movie Gone Girl on his Instagram. In the caption, he compared his big sis to the psychotic, conniving, murderous main character, and he was not amused. She tried to blow it off in interviews by saying he "thought he was being funny," but we all knew she was truly upset. Who wouldn't be?

Photo: 20th Century Fox

That Time He Sub-Tweeted His Sisters

To be fair, the K Klan did mess up here. The girls tried to throw Rob a shower for his unborn child with Blac Chyna, but failed to invite the model. For some reason, Kylie Jenner took the brunt of his anger, because he leaked her phone number on Twitter as a result.

Apparently, the KarJenners didn't include BC because the couple was fighting (again) at the time and they wanted to show Rob their support, but they ultimately apologized for their poor decision.

Photo: Twitter (@RobKardashian)

That Time He Refused to Attend Kylie's Birthday Party

At this time in his life, Rob was really distancing himself from his family. On Kylie's 18th birthday, all of her sibling posted cute posts on their respective social media accounts to honor their baby sister... except the 29-year-ol.d. Instead, he posted completely random pics of other things — totally snubbing his sis. Furthermore, he literally refused to attend her giant bash. How could you ignore your SIBLING's birthday???

Photo: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

That Time He Shaded Kylie's Lip Kits

Everyone knows that Kylie is the queen of lippies, but Blac Chyna also has a couple of lip kits, and the nude palettes are super similar to Ky's. One time, Rob posted a video of his baby mama explicitly copying JK's color-demo technique by painting the glosses on her forearm. He promoted Chyna's makeup line SUPER hard, and totally snubbed his sister's. Talk about picking sides.

Photo: Instagram (@RobKardashian)

That Time He Switched Momagers

Kris Jenner is the ultimate momager — she handles alllll the Kardashians' and Jenners' business ventures with the expertise of both a mother and experienced business professional. So you can only imagine how hurt she was when she heard that Rob was doing business with Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, instead of her! Now that takes disrespecting your mom on a WHOLE new level.

Photo: Instagram (@TokyoToni)

That Time He Dissed the Whole Fam in One Post

The Kardashian family expressed their concern about Rob and Chyna's relationship from the start. Instead of taking their suggestions as advice, he was insulted hardcore. So to get them back, he basically DISOWNED THEM on social media. Like... what??? We totally understand backing up your GF, but if it comes to distancing yourself from your entire family, something is definitely wrong.

Photo: Instagram (@RobKardashian)

That Time He Went on an Actual Social Media Rampage

Just when things between Rob and Blac Chyna seemed like they were at an all-time high, their relationship came crumbling TF down. Although the couple was engaged and raising a little baby together, the 29-year-old went on a rampage against the model using his Instagram and Twitter pages. He not only exposed her private nudes, but also called her out for cheating on him with multiple men. Chyna has since filed a restraining order against him, and the two are officially broken up for the moment.

Photo: Instagram (@RobKardashian)

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