Daniel Radcliffe Aids Man Slashed in the Face with Knife During Violent Robbery

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Daniel Radcliffe may not be a wizard in real life, but he still has some magic left in him. The Harry Potter actor was among a group of people who rushed the the assistance of a tourist who was violently mugged by two men on a London street on Friday.

According to David Videcette, a former police officer who witnessed the attack, the perpetrators approached the 50-something-year-old near the famous King’s Road, stole his Louis Vuitton bag and cut him on the face with a knife. He explained that he tried to stop the men from getting away on a moped, but they ran through red lights and successfully fled the scene of the crime. When David approached the injured tourist, he noticed that the 27-year-old star was one of the people trying to comfort him.

“It was a bit of the surreal moment,” he told The Evening Standard. I said, ‘You’re Daniel Radcliffe,’ and he replied, ‘I am.'”

A spokesman for the Met Police told the newspaper, “Police were called at approximately 6:0pm on Friday, July 14, to reports of a robbery in Hortensia Road. The victim — a man aged in his 50s — was walking in the road when two people riding a moped snatched his bag before riding off. The victim suffered a cut to the face during the incident. Officers from Kensington and Chelsea investigate. No arrests were made and inquiries continue.”

Dan’s rep confirmed that he was present during the robbery, but that’s all the information that was offered.

Daniel isn’t the first celebrity to come to the rescue of a person in need — these stars saved someone’s life:

Jennifer Lawrence

First on our list is Jennifer Lawrence, who is actually way more similar to her Hunger Games character than we ever realized before!

Back in 2012, while she was standing outside of her Santa Monica apartment, Jen rushed to the aid of a woman who abruptly collapsed while walking by. JL stuck around until paramedics arrived, who ultimately gave the woman medical clearance. Thank goodness for Katniss — erh, we mean J.Law!

Photo: WENN

Mila Kunis

Despite being a ~bad mom~, Mila Kunis doesn't have a bad bone in her body.

In May 2012, the Black Swan actress helped save the life of a 50-year-old man, who suffered a seizure while doing work in her home. Mila took matters into her own hands and placed the man into recovery position by turning his head to the side so he wouldn't choke. She even offered to accompany him in the ambulance. What an angel!

Photo: WENN

Demi Moore

After receiving a very suicidal message from a fan via Twitter back in 2009, Demi Moore felt compelled to act fast. The message went into detail about how the woman would go about harming herself, noting that she didn't want to "waste time." The Hollywood actress nervously shared the frightening message with her followers, which prompted many concerned Twitter users to call the police. The San Jose Police Department answered several calls regarding this 48-year-old woman, and when they arrived at her house, she was fortunately unharmed. They then took her in for further psychiatric evaluation.

Photo: WENN

Sofia Vergara

While leaving a Las Vegas nightclub back in 2012, Sofia Vergara and a friend witnessed a woman collapse on the casino floor right in front of their very eyes. Both Sofia and her friend, who was a trained medical professional, worked on keeping the woman calm and conscious. Sophia stuck by the woman's side until paramedics arrived and transported her to a local hospital. So sweet!

Photo: WENN

Kate Winslet

Even though we all know there was plenty of space for both Rose and Jack on the door she was floating on when the ship sank in Titanic, we won't hold that against Kate Winslet. Sure, she could've tried harder to save Leonardo DiCaprio's life in that particular on-screen instance, but you'll be glad to know that real-life KW wouldn't just leave someone to die.

In September of last year, while staying in Richard Branson's $70 million dollar home in the British Virgin Islands with her family, the house caught fire and was completely destroyed. Luckily, all 20 people were able to get out, including Richard's 90-year-old mother, who was carried out by Kate herself!

Photo: WENN

Heidi Klum

While on vacation with her family in Oahu, Hawaii back in 2013, Heidi Klum's son, Henry, found himself and his nanny in a very dangerous situation as the ocean turned extremely rough. Without hesitation, Heidi jumped into the water headfirst, pulling both her son and his terrified nanny out of the choppy water. Although she insisted to People that every mother would've done what she did, we still think she's a total supermom!

Photo: WENN

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