If you thought voting in our Survival of the Finnicks was fun, just you wait until you play our newest game, Celebrity Couples edition. All you have to do is vote for your favorite among these 16 famous pairs — from Jelena and Robsten (yes, they’re still together) to Kimye and Vaustin — below, and come back every day until Monday, August 13 to vote again and again until only one couple remains. Who will be the king and queen of Teen? Get voting below!

  • Monchele
  • Jelena
  • Vanessa & Austin
  • Elounor
  • Sarah & Matt
  • Robsten
  • Jordin & Jason
  • Stonefield
  • Lucy & Chris
  • Payzer
  • Miley & Liam
  • Bristan
  • Jennifer & Nicholas
  • Kimye
  • Nian
  • Kenielle

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  • thalia

    selena and justin and miley with liam and jason with jordan

  • Haz

    Payzer are ssssoooo cute

  • Anna

    Monchele FOREVER ALL THE WAy :)

  • preccy

    jelena……such a cute couple…

    • julianne

      there so cute

  • Mwahaha

    Danielle and Liam!!….<3

  • Mwahaha

    Lou and Elenor all the way!!….they are such a cut couple!!

  • Lulli

    I think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield make a great couple! Love the chemistry between them in The Amazing Spiderman! They’re so adorable together!