We know Shay Mitchell‘s character Emily has three BFFs in Hanna, Aria and Spencer on Pretty Little Liars, but in real life? She’s got three adorable pooches as her besties! Shay spent some quality time with her puppies at home in Vancouver, and though they may be a little bit more slobbery than her PLL friends, to us they’re just as cute.

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Check out this vid of Shay bummin’ around with her pups, and try not to be jealous that the girl’s just as gorgeous in sweats and glasses as she is all dressed up on the red carpet.

Click on for the super cute vid!

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  • JEzil

    woww!! so nice of them.. I like you shay mitchell

  • itsmelovelace

    The pups looks so adorable!! And shay’s such a kind and loving owner:)

  • shayie from philippines

    ………How cute shay’s puppies are…..i wish i was a dog…so that i can be with shay,,..hehe

  • Bobbi-Jean

    I love them!

  • Rachel

    ,,,oh..i love her puppies..soOO cute…foxy look’s like our neigbor’s dog Cloe….they said if a person who love’s dogs or puppies,,is so kind in hes\her personality…i know ur kind Shay keep it up for loving puppies…coz it’s awesome.!!!

  • Alex

    Awww look at the puupies

  • twinkle

    i so love her dog!! and we so love you shay!!!! :) love from philippines!!!

  • Lovely

    Love all the puppies and Shay looks wonderful

  • @OhKayKatOh

    Gosh, Shay looks so adorkable in her glasses and she’s so cute with her dogs! Her place looks really cosy too :)