It’s here, guys! It’s here! And we are so so happy to finally bring you the very first episode of The Click Clique. And we picked quite the week to run episode 1, because there’s a whole lot going on that we got Janet to comment on, from Brit Brit starting her Femme Fatale tour to the Glee graduation and that ambiguous and oh-so-sketchy new Harry Potter website, Plus, we got an exclusive on-set look at Chloe King and brought YouTube stars Karmin in the studio! And wait, is that Elliot we see lurking there, too?

So click on to watch episode 1, and to find out what we’ve got brewing for episode 2…

So, what’d you think of episode 1? This is just the beginning, so make sure you leave all your thoughts on the show in the comments below so we know what you like and don’t like! Did you agree with Janet’s “FAIL” tags and “LIKE’ tags? Spill it here, and make sure you check out all of Karmin’s amazing covers right here!

And BTW, stay tuned on Thursday for episode 2, when we’ll chat with Kent Boyd from SYTYCD and get exclusive summer survival tips from Shake It Up‘s Zendaya!

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  • alondra

    I love this show especially because Christina grimmie is on there<33

  • jollybeastinsmexgirl

    Love your show and your laugh is the cutest thing ever!

  • Alexandra

    I think Amy (from Karmin) should host this show. The current host is TERRIBLE! She’s trying way too hard.

    Replace the host and this show might actually have some potential.

    Go Karmin!

  • Drake

    JANET!! Let me just say haters to the left!!!!! I see this show going viral. Janet is a star and this show is gonna be a hit.

  • maddie

    karmin rocks im a big fan but i think elliot should host Elliot elliot Elliot!!! he rocks
    amy is a great singer

    • maddie

      its a cool show ili

  • Lisa_ann

    Janet’s hilarious. Love her!

  • Jade

    LOVE this show!! Super cute and fun- more more more!!!

  • Faye

    Elliott! Elliott! Elliott!

  • gunnin’

    Love Karmin, the clips were relevant. Unfortunately, I find Janet annoying, she is ok reporting but the cutesy attitude is annoying. Sorry I was trying to give constructive criticize hope it wasn’t too harsh!

  • Olivia

    love it….i can’t believe that the glee producers would leave us gleeks hanging like could they!

  • violet

    karmin is unbelievably cute! and really talented. great first episode!

  • Allison

    Janets funny

  • Chloe

    Best part was Elliot planking! LOL

  • Jen

    This is cute! Love Elliot planking lol!