It’s Thursday! And guess what? We’re back with another episode of The Click Clique, this time with that very special tour of Christina Grimmie‘s room that we so kindly promised you last time. We keep our promises, people. Also, we’re revealing the identity of our Celeb Mystery Planker, and we got said mystery planker to provide us with some special summer fashion tips. We need ’em, so thanks. So HOT today! Anyway, click on for today’s episode of TCC!

What’d you think of Christina’s tiny tour? Did you guess that Bella was the celeb planker? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned for the next ep on Tuesday!

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  • Ke$ha Rose

    I am da reall Ke$ha and Grim-Grims here is me bwestie -KE$HA

  • Zoe

    im here for the grimmie. 😀

  • sabby

    cool/nice episode

  • Carolyn

    no affense, but ummmmmm that was the tiniest room tour ever. it was just of her walls and a keyboard but btw I LOVE ZELDA TOO! <3


    really like her hair style

  • Sydney

    I would NOT wear those jeans because they look like her skin ! i paused it and i still think she’s not wearing pants ! it really looks like it ! i would say no to skin colored jeans