We love Victoria Justice and all, but we figured we’d give you guys a little breaksie from 20 Days of Victoria and focus a bit on one of her fab Victorious co-stars, Elizabeth Gillies. We chatted with Elizabeth about the usual: spilling secrets on Victoria, chillin’ with Big Time Rush, making a solo album (hey, it’s possible!). Ya know. All the perks of being a famous TV star.

Plus, we offish love her because she clearly shares in our excitement for Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Hey, Liz. Wanna be besties now?

Click to watch the vid!

Are you a fan of Elizabeth’s? Love her on Victorious? Oh, and are you excited for Breaking Dawn, too? Dish below!

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  • brock

    you are soo hot when is season 5 coming out of vicTORIus

  • gilliesno1fan

    Sh is perfection! love ‘ya Liz Gillies <3 ^_^

  • JP!

    Well liz doesn’t show all her hidden acting abilities cuz she’s a co but once she gets a main roll on tv i’m sure she will surprise us. Furthermore, liz, ariana and victoria they all excellent singers on their way but i like liz just a little bit more

  • mo mo 34

    hi i love u but not ur person on victorious

  • I Love Liz but her character is not noticed at all on Victorious and she’s the best singer. Though, maybe it’s okay to be in the background. Anyways luv ya liz!!!! :) Bye

  • HEY!GADE i want your NUNBER

  • i LOVE gade from VICTOR hey can i be a fan?

    • Cecec

      I love

  • !katy!

    i short of like her

    • !katy!

      but i don’t think she rocks

  • kira

    i like her character

  • Elizabeth

    I love ya gillies

  • Jade

    I LOVED HER FILM IN HELEN BE BACK! Ahaha! SO creative 😀

  • emma

    i love u elizibeth /jade u r amazing on victorious u r my fave actor on victorious u rock

  • Klay

    Victorious aim your old friend BFF fovere

  • blanca!!…]

    she is the best on victorious! i love her, i love how she act and her bad character… it’s incredible! but, her voice is better when is traducing on spanish language, cause is… more like a boy, but she is perfect. and… wow, without black and white makeup… she changes a lot!! liz is beauty!
    one kiss from spain! bye :)

  • Lisa


  • Not Wild 4 HER

    I liked her before she dyed her hair to full black, got her eyebrows done, and turn out to play a negative character on the TV Show – Victorious. Now she’s just a background character who is ignored and not noticed when I watch the show.

  • Wild4Gillies

    I love liz!! She is super talented and insanley beautiful! Gillian for Life!

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