You totally think that Jasmine V would put Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” on her October playlist, right? Well what if we told you that we’re not gonna tell you whether you’d be right or not and you’ll have to watch the video below to find out?! Would you hate us?! Regardless, we will tell you this — Jasmine told us her top 5 songs that she can’t stop jammin’ out to this month. Some are new and some not so much, but all are amazing choices that we’re going to download right this second.

As for Justin Bieber? Watch below to find out if he made the cut!

Well, the Biebs didn’t make the cut. We sorta had you guessing though, right? What do you think of Jasmine’s October picks? Are you listening to any of those songs nowadays, too? Tell us here, and make sure to check back all week long for more Jasmine V vids!

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2 Responses to "Playlist Of the Week: 5 Songs to Play This October That Are Jasmine V Approved (Exclusive Video)"

    Kamila says:

    hahaha yeahhh I tought she will choose some Justin’s song but, no! O_o well I would, hahaha xd and I love Just The Way You Are and Give Me Everything!

    Caity says:

    I love all of those songs! Jasmine is my favorite singer, so, she would be #1 in my playlist!

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