The Click CliqueIt was awesome enough that Bella Thorne was on our last two episodes of The Click Clique. (Here’s the first. And here’s the second.) But since we can never have too much of her, Bells joined us for a third ep! What’s she up to this time? Answering more of your Qs, of course. And as an added bonus, the band YiYell stopped by to explain where their name came from, and to perform!

It’s all coming atcha on TCC!

Are all of your Bella Thorne questions answered yet? What else would you ask her? Leave ’em all below!

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  • Abigail

    Omg i love u Zendaya!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy

    What’s your favorite thing to do? and are you only friends with famous people? so do you still hang out with “normal” non famous people??. And what’s your favorite show to watch?? (:

  • krystin

    i would pick a missing finger than a missing toe

  • So Selena Gomez

    I’ve said it before and I’ll sy it again…. I LOVE BELLA THORNE!!!!

  • ShakeItUp2011

    Hi Bella! What is your favourite colour? and how r u?

  • whot is your favourite sport sorrrrrrry….:);):0:);)

  • what is your favourite sprot???:):):):):);)