Welcome back, clicksters! Today, we’re especially excited to tell you that one of our TCC faves is back again — Christina Grimmie! Scratch that, it’s just Grimmie now. (Apparently no one calls her Xtina anymore.) We know what you’re probably thinking: What could she poss have to say to us now that we’ve had her on the show so many times? The answer: a lot. But before you get into that, make sure to listen to girl group (slash sisters) The PreZcotts. They’re so good!

Yup, it’s all here on The Click Clique, so get going with today’s ep!

What’d you think of today’s ep? Do you like The PreZcotts sound? And are there any Qs you’d like Grimmie to answer? Leave it all in the comments!

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  • Nanny

    shes okay as far as looks but thats just me. as the noggin goes it looks noamrl to me.. i guess im missing the big headed part..but id say that the size of her head doesnt make her any less than just an okay gal to a overly big headed okay gal.. you following me??

  • anon

    whats your favorite store int he mall, grimmie?