No. ABC Family does not need any more hot guys considering it’s already got, like, Tyler Blackburn and Darren Kagasoff and whatever. But they’ve got a new show Jane by Design (airing tonight!), and new show = new hotties for us to ogle over. Like Matthew Atkinson, for example. He plays Jane’s sorta love interest, and we got our new love interest to talk to us about how a girl can ask a guy out, the worst dressed celeb in Hollywood, and the trend he hates to see girls wear. And it’s actually pretty cute that he has no effin’ clue what he’s talking about when it comes to fashion…

The cuteness is all in the video above!

Jane by Design premieres tonight at 8pm EST on ABC Family! Think you’ll tune in? Think Matthew is a cutie? Tell us everything!

Get to Know Jane by Design‘s Erica Dasher!

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11 Responses to "Jane by Design’s Hottie Matthew Atkinson Gives Fashion (?) and Dating Advice! (Exclusive Video)"

    victoria says:

    i thought he was hot but i think someone else is my opinion

    fun games for girls says:

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    Kate says:

    Matt to Nicki: “Why do you wear that?” haha. that sounded funny!!

    iamshae says:

    he’s not cute, he’s gorgeous. ..booyah!

    Jessica says:

    He is so cute. Heck ya I think he is hot! And I would LOVE to know how old he is!!!

    meg says:

    Aww he’s cute. I love this show because Jane is like my idol! I really want to be in the fashion industry(:

    Jane says:

    how old is he

    billy says:

    hes soooooooo hot

  9. [...] Matthew Atkinson Interview – [...]

    Corinthian Tidwell says:

    is he gay

    Sam says:

    to me, that show doesn’t look interesting.

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