Not gonna lie, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what the heck the guys of The Wanted were talking about in this exclusive interview. Those accents are pretty tricky. But lucky for you (and, uh, us), we got the dudes to translate British English to American English so that we wonder no more. And their use of British terms like “bollocks” and “prat” are pretty gosh-darn cute. Also cute? Nathan used Cody Simpson to define one of the slang words. For reals.

Click on for The Wanted’s British dictionary! You. Are. Welcome.

Did you understand the guys a little bit better this time around? Think their accents are to die for? Tell us here!

And PS, stay tuned for our final EXCLUSIVE and just-as-cute video with The Wanted coming TOMORROW on!

Watch Our Other EXCLUSIVE (and Adorable) Interview with The Wanted!

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12 Responses to "The Wanted Translate Their Crazy British Slang to American English. You’re Welcome. (Exclusive Video)"

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    lauren says:

    haha the wanted r so stupid. they look stupid and cant sing. has anyone heard of voice editing… ?

    Jessica says:

    TW r just amazing! :D
    love naths accent <3 hes soooo cute!!!

    Carly Redmond-White says:

    I absolutely love Nathan’s accent.
    He’s soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!

    Soph says:

    Aw i love the wanted…. i know all the words already as im english (bollocks also has another ruder meaning) :D

    Ella Marie says:

    ‘Bollocks means guts’ :L
    Yeah, sure boys.
    Whatever you say…

    Anonymous says:

    i’ve never heard any of their songs, but maybe i have but just never knew it was them

    Lex says:

    I absolutely LOVE The Wanted! They are so freakin’ adorable. And those accents! xDDD

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