Ok. You’ve already heard what Daniel Radcliffe told us about his creepy-yet-awesome new movie, Woman in Black and what scares him in real life. But today, ladies and gents, we’re giving you the second half of our DanRad interview where we asked him what the fans really wanna know — is a scary movie a good date? What is he obsessed with besides Harry Potter? What does he do online besides stalk the Harry Potter puppet videos? Plus, there’s tons of adorable mentions of his girlfriend. Sorry. Just had to throw that out there before you start planning your proposal to him.

Watch it all go down in the video above!

Would you go on a scary movie date? Think you’ll make a date out of Daniel’s Woman in Black this weekend? Are you sad Daniel’s not single? To the comments you go!

Watch Another Woman in Black Interview with Daniel Radcliffe!

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5 Responses to "Daniel Radcliffe Spills on Dating And What He Likes Girls to Wear (Exclusive Video)"

  1. Teen.com
    Sam says:


  2. Teen.com
    sofia5 says:

    he has acually watched those puppet videos lol

  3. Teen.com
    madison4 says:

    lol u should drees up as harry for halloween it would be alsome lol

  4. Teen.com
    yulissa says:

    aww! he is soo werid in a very cute way i love him soo much

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