Well. Since Joey Graceffa got quite the response when he had him interview the Wizards of Waverly Place cast, we figured we’d answer your cries and have him do another interview for us. And this time? We made him sit down and talk to Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum and Scott Speedman from The Vow. We know. We feel bad for him too.

So find out makes Channing and Scott cry in real life, why chocolate is not always as yummy as it seems, and how Channing once inappropriately touched a girl’s “booby”. His word, FYI, not ours. It’s all in the cute video above!

The Vow is out in theaters now! Will you be seeing it? What’s your most embarrassing story that you wish you could forget? And come on, how freakin’ HOT is Channing?! Tell us in the comments!

And PS, stay tuned for another interview with TWO huge stars and Joey G coming soon on Teen.com!

See Why You Should See The Vow This Weekend!

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  • ebi

    Cool interview. Joey did great in this one I lauphed at the booby story.

  • joanna

    joey is awsome

  • Kyle

    Joey is an excellent interviewer, we want MORE Joey Graceffa interviews!!!!

  • Eleanor

    I love Joey!! please get him to do an interview with Jesse Spencer or Hilary Duff- I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS!!!

  • madison

    joey is really good at interviewing people he seem so calm and like fitted around them he should deffinatly interview more people like the hunger games or twilight. he should also play finnick in catching fire when i read the books i kept imagning him as finnick and he would just be really good at that roll

  • John

    Awesome interview Joey!!! You should have him interview the cast of The Hunger Games!!!

  • Allison Souter

    Joey is such a great interviewer!!! he should interview the hunger games cast!!

  • Kristin

    Joey is awesome! He should interview the Hunger Games cast!

  • marley

    my name is marley(: i LOVEEE joey graceffa! please let him interview the hunger games cast! he would do soo well and would make the interview much more interesting

  • Lunna Lovve

    The interviewer was great! He looked relaxed and professional! Joey should interview the Hunger Games cast :)

  • Traci

    Ah, Joey did an amazing job! Way to go!

  • Maggie

    lov you joey great job! hope you get to interview the hunger games cast and play fin in catching fire

  • Kerensa Fowler

    awe joey you’re amazing <33333

  • Erik

    Joey is awesome! I think he would be a great person to interview the cast of the hunger games!

  • Andrea

    Joey <3

  • Bailey Jordan

    Love Joey! I agree, he should interview the Hunger Games cast! Or even play Finnick!

  • cassie


  • Amanda Dickinson

    Awesome interview Joey!!! You should have him interview the cast of The Hunger Games!!!