Since the last interview we did with Bridgit Mendler for Lemonade Mouth was such a hit, we jumped at the chance to interview her again, this time for her new animated movie, The Secret World of Arrietty. So we called up one of our handy-dandy hosts, Cat Valdes (she’s BFFs with our other host, Joey Graceffa!) to hang out with Bridgit, and they talked about everything from what Bridgit would do if she was a real-life borrower like her character to why she’s obsessed with the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place, and she’s even revealing to us her biggest secret ever. Oh, and don’t think we forgot to ask her about her upcoming album. Cause we didn’t.

It’s all in the video above, guys!


Secret World of Arrietty is out now! What’d you think of Bridgit’s secret? Will you be seeing her in the movie this weekend? Think she should date David Henrie IRL (we do)?! And oh, what did you think of our host, Cat? Leave all your comments and praises for our host in the comments!

Check Out Our Favorite Bridgit Mendler Music Video!

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  • lisa

    Cat you did great I !!hate!! Brighit Mendler!!! Can’t stand her shes pretty but I hate the way she acts

  • Alissa

    I love you Bridgit heck yes

  • monet

    what hanppned to your show

  • Lani

    Cat is horrible at this. She never lets the person speak… she speaks over them. And she talks to loud. Get someone else to do these interviews. I can’t stand interviewers who talk over everyone. Bridgit M. was good though. She just deserves a decent interviewer. Not some wannabe amateur, who doesn’t cut it.

  • Daniella

    I love Cat and Bridgit!! :)

  • elizabeth

    lol wow!

  • Shane

    CATRIFIC IS THE BEST She did ahhhmazing i love bridget menldler

  • Ebony

    Cattt!! You did great!!

  • erika

    cat did a great job :)

  • Jesse

    Cat did so great! I’d love to see her do more interviews!

  • Lissa

    Cat is awesome!

  • Kayla

    I love Cat!

  • Alex

    I <3 Cat or Catrific she is awesome

  • Kimberly

    I LOVEEEEEE CAT , ahhhhh have her do MORE interviews please :)

  • Jenny

    Cat is amazing, I love Bridgit and Cat.

  • Jennifer

    Cat is an energetic, bright, and perfect interviewer!! I look forward to watch more interviews with Cat in it 😀

    • silje

      jeg liker cat jeg også men jeg har noen bedere forbilder en henne men i <3 u cat hade.(L)

  • Jane

    love cat!

  • Emma

    Yaya! I love Cat!

  • William

    That is sooo cool! I would love to meet her and the other Disney casts that I have not lost all hope in. 😀

  • Madeleine-Joy

    Great job Cat! Keep up the good work :)

  • Zandrina

    Good job Cat <3

  • Cara

    I love Cat! Have her do more interviews!

  • Katie

    great job cattt ! you did great ! i cant wait to watch your next intervieww! <3

  • Emilie

    Her name is Bridgit!!! Love her!! That’s pretty lol nick:P