We love Amanda Seyfried in romantic flicks (like Dear John) and action movies (like In Time), but we’re kinda really excited to see her in her new action-thriller, GONE. She plays a girl who’s trying to trace down the guy who abducted her sister (creepy, we know), so our good ol’ pal Joey G asked her q’s about her protective nature IRL, her sister IRL and more. It’s all in the exclusive video above!

GONE hits theaters this Friday, February 24! Are you going to see it? What’s your fave Amanda movie? And what’d you think of Joey’s interview? You know what to do — tell us in the comments!

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194 Responses to "Amanda Seyfried Chats With Joey About Herself, Her Sister, And Her New Movie (Exclusive Video)"

  1. Teen.com
    Rachel says:

    Great job, Joey! Such a natural interviewer — you connect really easily with people! :)

  2. Teen.com
    Allison says:

    omg JOEY! You did great!

  3. Teen.com
    Amanda says:

    GOOD JOB JOEY!!!! you did great!!!!!!

  4. Teen.com
    Ingram3312 says:

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  5. Teen.com
    Betty says:

    Joey definitely has enthusiasm and loves what he’s doing but he needs to do a little more research before the interviews and just have like quirky questions they wouldn’t have heard before so that he stands out in the person’s mind.

  6. Teen.com
    Maddi says:

    Joey did GREAT! I agree that he should interview the Hunger Games cast!!!

  7. Teen.com
    Shaden Alawfi says:

    good job Joey !!
    she seems nice

  8. Teen.com
    joseph says:

    JOEY JOEY !! go team joey. and he should play finnick in hunger games !!!!!

  9. Teen.com
    Maite says:

    AAAAH i love her soo muchhhh!!! and Joey is the best interviewer eveeer! Let him interview the cast of The Hunger Games as you can see we all want to see him more often :)

  10. Teen.com
    Sarah says:

    i think Joey did a really good job (: let him interview the Hunger Games cast.

  11. Teen.com
    bec says:


  12. Teen.com
    Sunna says:

    Good job Joey =D

  13. Teen.com
    Malina says:

    Love Amanda! And Joey is such a greate interviewer!! Looking forward to his next interview!!!!

  14. Teen.com
    Cleo Kordomenos says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, LOVE Amanda Seyfried and who better to interview her than America’s favorite… Joey Graceffa! I absolutely love watching interviews by Joey Graceffa, he really connects with the actors and actresses and engages with them in such an amazing way. I hope Teen continues to have Joey as an interviewer, he’s a great asset :)

  15. Teen.com
    Faviola says:

    Joey is a great interviewer, let him interview more of the hunger games cast!

  16. Teen.com
    Klara says:

    Joey’s awesome as always!

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