Be honest — did you LOL at our first video of 20 Questions With a Model that we did at New York Fashion Week? Because, to be honest, we’re still kinda laughing our tushes off over some of the ridic answers the models gave us about pop culture and US history. Hey, at least they’re pretty. But since there was just too much hilariousness to fit into one vid, we’re back now with Part 2. Yippee!

So watch our interviews above to see how some beautiful people answered our questions about Twilight, the Super Bowl, Pretty Little Liars, and geography. You will laugh a lot, FYI.

What’d you think of the models’ answers? Which one was the most shocking? Was this video funnier than Part 1? Be honest here!

Check Out 20 Questions With a Model: Part 1!

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6 Responses to "Fashion Week Models Talk About Twilight, PLL, Geography and More! (Exclusive Video)"

    A reader says:

    Can somebody please explain to me how this is funny? Is it supposed to be hilarious that they don’t know about a teenage show?

    Sam says:

    oh wow

  3. [...] PLL, Geography and More! (Exclusive Video) Thu, February 23, 2012 10:00 PM UTC Rate  Loading … Share (function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); [...]

    Rachel says:

    So, you consider them stupid because they don’t watch a crappy show like Pretty Little Liars or care about the moronic Kardashians or sparkley gay vampires?

      Tina says:

      @Rachel Nobody even mentioned the word stupid in the article? And Pretty Little Liars is not a crappy show. And using the word “gay” to imply something negative is really offensive. Um, anyway, this video is hilarious. The models seem like so much fun and good sports! It’s nice to to see their personalities off the runway! :)

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