So what’s it like to meet two of the biggest teen stars on the planet, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift? Well, um, Joey Graceffa knows. We sent the lucky dude over to talk to Zac and Tay about their adorbs new movie, The Lorax, and though we personally would’ve had trouble getting words out around the hotness that is Zac Efron, Joey managed to ask both megastars about the movie and how a how a guy/girl can win their way into their hearts. And don’t think we didn’t ask Taylor about her songs on The Hunger Games soundtrack and how excited she is for the flick. Because, duh, that happened too.

Check out the scoop (and hotness) in the video above!

The Lorax comes out tomorrow, March 2! Are you gonna see it? What’s your fave Dr. Seuss book? Are you a fan of Zac or Taylor’s? It’s your turn to dish!

Watch the Official Trailer for The Lorax!

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  • Katie

    Ugh Taylor is so full of shit. “I’m unpredictable” more like I go for every guy I see and write a song about how terrible he was when he really is so much better than me

    • Isabella

      I really hope someday people like you will stop shaming her for the amount of guys she dates. Whether she’s dated 6 guys or 12 it doesn’t change the fact that she is an incredible person with a kind heart. Joey had only nice things to say about her. As a fellow woman I expect you to agree with the fact that a girl should be able to date however many people she wants without getting shamed for it because guys sure as hell don’t get shamed for dating countless of girls. Also if you think she only writes terrible things about the guys she dates then that goes to show how you don’t really listen to her music and are only jumping on the bandwagon that is hating on Taylor Swift. Her way of dealing with the ups and downs of relationships is writing songs and that’s okay. Sometimes a guy does really cheat on her or treat her wrong but other times it’s her fault and she hurts the guy and she’s not afraid to admit it (see Back to December). Just stop being sexist and slut shaming when it comes to Taylor Swift, it’s not cool.

    • dick penis

      shut the fuck up you whore she is sexy hoe type you fuck!!!!!

    • Bella

      Love u Joey

    • dan

      oh shut the fuck up you bitch taylor swift is an amazing artist and songwritter she makes song that relate to her past and if you can’t understand that then shut you motherfucking shitty ass mouth up and stop watching her because she doesn’t need to be ashamed of herself because of some over dramatic motherfucking bitches that need to have to hate every one all the time so who fucking care what your shitty mouth says taylor should be pround of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Scott

    Omg! Im so jealous joey! :) Your so amazing!

  • Anna Graceffa

    Joeyanya!! I love you! You did soo good!!! Oh my goodness gracianyas!!

  • Crystal

    Joey!!!!!! Ur amazing stay fab

  • iloveharryjames

    joey is so amazing! I love him and I love his personality, I want to meet him one day!!!

    • Jewel Henderson

      Dream on girl, dream on…

      • Amillia

        That could happen I wanna meet him one day and other youtubers.

  • Joyce

    Omg joey you were so good keep up the good work!

  • Summerlove

    Love joey soooooo much keep it dude

  • Mads

    Love this interview great job joey

  • PsycopathNumber2?

    Haha when Taylor said she was excited for the Hunger Games, Joey n! early freaked out xD! Tay & Joey are really cute! *not in a shipping way, though ^^

  • Psychopath

    I’m also only here for Joey, a little late but I love Joey! He did the interview really good! I think I wouldn’t be as good in his place <3

    • Psycoluvver

      Lol me too

  • Rutuja

    I’m only here for Joey! Love him so much :*!

  • Kimmi

    Joey is so lucky to see Tay and Zac D:

  • Kailea

    There is nothing wrong with being gay so that wasn’t even an insult.

  • Jenn

    I think a bunch of people…including myself…watched this for joey!

    • Emily

      dito.. I did

      • Suzie

        this was good. i agree . i saw joey on youtube and i saw this website. i checked it out and yeah. pretty much!

    • Kailea

      I did

    • tay

      i did i did joey is awesome

  • Olivia

    I only watched this because of Joey OMG

  • Lauren

    i love joey and the only reason i watched this video is because of him! @_@

  • Emilia

    Ahh Joey is sooo adorable! Who wouldn’t love him <3

  • Lily

    Joey is awesome

  • Julia

    I love Joey

    • Mrs. Graceffa

      My husband did very good! Love you Joey-Poo!!!

  • Claire

    Joey that was so cool! You didn’t seem nervous at all and it was a great interview to watch! Just so you know I love you and yeah. I guess that’s it for now!

  • Big dick

    Joey is so gay and zac knows it

    • Truth

      Your gay for even saying that, you don’t know him

    • -.-

      Joey is not gay so shut up b****

    • Joey’s awesome

      You’re f****** gay… If you don’t like joey why the frick are u here. Go hate somewhere else.

    • Kailea Says: Joey is Awesome and

      There is nothing wrong with being gay so that wasn’t even an insult.

    • Laura

      how rude of you to say that?its people like you who make bullying possible .

    • Shailee

      Honey,You’re gay and we all know it :)

    • Shailee

      JoeyGraceffa, your perfect and we all absolutely adore you xxx

  • Hanna

    Joey is such a great presenter!! So much fun to watch and you can tell the people he interviews actually like him!! Love you Joey!

  • Haley

    Joey is awesome! He is always so entertaining to watch, keep it up:)

  • Hannah shea

    OMG I love Joey Graceffa so so so much I wish I could meet him some day <3 I have seen all of his videos and I am in love with him and I don't no what else to say besides I LOVE JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!i would literally write a 1000 word letter just saying how much I love him!

  • Autumn

    joey that interview was fantastic! I think you really made it become more interesting. You’re great :) Keep doing what you’re doing!