Primrose Everdeen might’ve gotten lucky when Katniss volunteered to take her spot in The Hunger Games, but Joey? Joey hit the jackpot when he got to talk to Willow Shields, aka Prim, in real life. He sat down with the super cute actress to ask what would help her win (or lose?) the games, who she hung out with most on set, and the youge awesome THG stuff.

So watch it all unfold in the video above!

Does Willow make a good Prim? What would be your strength in the Hunger Games? Oh, and did Joey do a good job? Comments time!

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Get to Know the Cast of The Hunger Games!

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14 Responses to "Willow Shields Spills on Being Prim In The Hunger Games!"

    Susie says:

    Joey did an awesome job. as usual!

    me says:

    Joey is cute and a good interviewer. Great job :)

    Jadin says:

    willow did an amazing job and i have the shirt she’s wearing it’s from target

    Jamie says:

    Amazing job Joey! Willow Shields seems like such a down-to-earth and sweet girl. :) Joey is so lucky to have met her, that’s for sure =D Plus I wanted to let Joey know that he has improved so much and, as another person mentioned, he has become so more relaxed while interviewing. I’m looking forward to many more interviews from Joey on!

    Lily says:

    I didn’t know anything about the Hunger Games before i heard Joey talking about it.

    P.S. With every interview Joey gets better and better. Good Job!
    And i still haven’t seen the movie :(((

    Mitty says:

    Joey did amazing- as usual!!

    Larissa says:

    Gahhhhh, she was making my eyes water in the movie :)

    Cassidy says:

    Joey did such a wonderful job! Willow did an AMAZING job at playing Prim as well – the emotion was enough to make the audience cry! SOOOO happy you let Joey interview her!!! I enjoy his interviews a lot! :)

    Beth says:

    Of COURSE Joey did an amazing job once again!

    jennifer says:

    joey ! you are amazing!! youguys shoud interview Maria Gonzalez (she is my fave actress, actually she isn’t that famous but dang it she has talent she is going to be big, sha acts in students films and gosh she needs more recognition she is amazing she is starting to audition for major production and i think this time is perfect for joey to inetview her sshe is 14 and gosh i want him to interview her she is amaizing joey is amazing= perfect interview, joey is going to be big and maria is going to be nominated for an oscar

    lizzie says:

    Awesome job JOEY!! I am so happy you got to interview for the hunger games! I got your new tributes album today! I LOVE IT! and I am wearing my bake you pies shirt today!

    Penny says:

    Great Job Joey! I watch your videos everyday! I loved watching you interview for the Hunger Games since I found you through the I Wanna Go parody!

    Amy says:

    Joey, I love you! And I’m so happy for you, that you got to interview Hunger Games people! Fantastic job :D

    kara says:

    Awe, joey has gotten so much more relaxed with his interviews <3 good job!

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