Out goes Pretty Little Liars until June, and in comes Secret Life of the American Teenager! Yes! And to celebrate TONIGHT’S spring premiere and the show’s upcoming 100th episode, we sent Meghan, Joey and Cat to talk to Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa and the rest of the SLOAT cast. So from what’s to come this season (engagements? Babies?) to how they feel about dating, marriage in high school and “Bro Code” in real life, we got all the goss, as per youge.

Watch now!

Secret Life‘s spring premiere airs TONIGHT at 8pm EST on ABC Family! Are you gonna watch? Hope Ricky and Amy get married and have another baby? Who’s your fave Secret Life couple? And oh, which of our three hosts’ interview was the best? Comments time!

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  • Joelle

    Amy and Ricky all the way! I hate Ben and amy together. I would love to someday meet daren kagasoff. He is an amazing gentleman. Him and shai all the way!

  • Sarah

    I think ricky and amy are the best for each other then adrain and jack and ben and grace its all settled even in real life plssss

  • hajarah

    change is for the better,amy and ricky look good together

    • Nurgul

      Rick, you are right. The movie (The Descendents) was fair, and Clooney was not that good. I went to see it last week and came out with nothing. This is the first movie I saw all smemur. I am still waiting for War Horse.

    • Ricardo

      Nice recap! I hate award shows b/c they’re so blah nowadays. But the red carept is always fun to look at. And…I’d probably be at Snooki’s level to Katy Perry too. I am a shorty as well :)

  • Alyssa

    Lol so funny when Amy (sorry forget her actual name xD) “A male version of pocahontas”.
    And great job Meghan! You’re always awesome <3

  • neema

    rick and army:i love them,they look good together



    • sara

      ikr he kinda sounds a lil gay!!! :/

  • Rachel

    Ricky and Amy : best couple hands down !