The wait is finally over, and today officially kicks off the debut of our new shows. And Meghan’s is up first! Watch the very first episode of Sounds Like…With Strawburry17 now, and come back every Monday at 2pmPT/5pmET to get introduced to more must-know musicians who sound like artists you hear all over the radio. Up first? BoyEpic!

What’d you think of episode 1? Have you heard of BoyEpic? Did Meghan do a good job of lip-synching? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to leave your picks for Sounds Like…. in the comments too!

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Check out Meghan’s Interview with The Hunger Games‘ Foxface, Jacqueline Emerson!

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  • Claire

    Man I love this song!!!!!!!!!

  • Benjji

    Cool song, go to you tube and search “strawburry17 do you know” she does another similar video that’s the stuffs.

  • Sam

    i’ve never heard of him

    • Pey

      You have never heard of Boyepic? What a shame.

  • A

    meh. i love meghan and i’m excited for this but that was kind of lackluster. i’m excited to see more though! as long she covers a wide range of music.

  • Ally

    Well as a follower of Meghan for a while…thumbs down because she looks like she’s really changing. She’s a Christian, and any Christian should be worried what others think even if its just a small word like “hell”. And where is her cross necklace? Come on Meghan. Don’t forget about Jesus and what he did for you…

    • Bob

      Hey Ally, I personally don’t agree with you. I’m a christian and my dad owns a church. I don’t wear a cross necklace everyday, but that doesn’t make me any less of a christian. And btw, jesus will be with Meghan no matter what, and as long as she stays true to herself, and the people around her, she will be loved by jesus.

    • RueFord

      And any christian should mind their own business on how a person lives their lives. who are you to judge her on what she does. you don’t know her heart. And i’m pretty sure she hasn’t forgotten. The message is love, and she shows it.

    • Jeebus

      This is the lord your god… just wanted to take the time to say… you pious jerks who can’t stop calling my name every other sentence are incredibly annoying.

  • @AxeellS

    WOW! Awesome! I’ll be sure to check him out! :)

    Nice necklace :)