Clearly we’re still on a Hunger Games kick here at and we are not even a little ashamed. Actually, we’re really excited, because we went with the THG theme for this week’s Pop Wars, putting Joey, Meghan and WILLOW FREAKIN’ SHIELDS (aka Prim) to the test for Hunger Games trivia. Who will win?

Watch the game show, uh, we meant video above!

Are you surprised Joey won? Did you know all those answers? Leave a comment below, and make sure to come back every Thursday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more new eps!

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  • Michelle

    All of the answers were B. lol

  • Sam

    I loved that!

  • Robin

    I got them all right ! :)

  • Kassi

    Ditto to who ever lola is

  • Jane

    i got them all right YAY! i took a guess 4 the district 4 question but YAY!

  • Serena

    Wow. Not being mean, but Willow was Prim, and she was in the movie!! She SHOULD have won!!!!!

  • Lola

    When they said Prim has a pet, I was thinking of Lady.

  • Jackie

    Joey rulez, well done! Really, how could you forget about District 4? I though we all were in love with the Finnick Awesome Odaire, I gess you were thinking about the boy and forget the contest. =)