You’ve heard about it on and have been dying for deets — obvs we’re talking about One Direction making an appearance on iCarly. So have no fear, directioners. Cause we sent Cat straight to the cast to get the scoop on tonight’s super exciting ep (oh, and in case you missed it, we talked to them about the April Fool’s episode, too). Who’s Miranda Cosgrove‘s fave member? Which 1D guy did Jennette McCurdy basically get to grope? All that and more in the video above!

Oh, and then check out this pic and pretend you’re Miranda…


The One Direction/iCarly episode airs tonight at 8pm on Nickelodeon! Are you excited to see the guys on the show? Who’s your fave 1D dude? Fave iCarly character?

Watch the Interview on the Set of the iCarly April Fool’s Episode!

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12 Responses to "iCarly Cast Spills Deets on the One Direction Ep!"

    Gabriel says:

    Great pics! I like the one with you leaning into his sheludor, too. I also love the very first one in black and white where you are sitting with your backs to each other and laughing. It just seems so natural and TOTALLY Marcy & Aaron .

    sarosh says:

    so sloppy interview

    shelley says:

    that was amazing…Liam was hot!

    shelley says:

    Listen, her names Jennete Mcurdy and thats how shes supposed to
    act so dont get rude.DURR!I liked it by the way…

    Shania says:

    So Jealous Of Miranda Here ;)

    selina says:

    lol tuch ma tatoo, thats zayncode for penis

      Renei says:

      I think that Miranda’s new song is prttey cool and that she is prttey cool too. I really like iCarly and hope to see her come out with a CD soon. There is a good chance that when she brings one out that I would buy it.

    Sam says:

    Since I missed it, I’m going to watch it on Youtube right now!

    Veronica says:

    I watched the ep last night!!!!!! It was so awesome!!!!!

      june says:

      when was this? like the date :( cuz i didnt watch it last night im sad now…will they show it again???

    jenna says:

    i didnt like the interviewer. she looked sloppy and her hair didnt look done. plus she kinda acted like she had no idea what she was saying to the cast of icarly

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