Ladies & gents, get your 3D glasses ready because in this ep of The Click Clique, our hosts are honoring Titanic 3D! OK, you don’t really need the glasses, but you’ll still need to brace yourselves because this episode is full of juicy goodness. First, all Clicksters get a special shout-out from our BFF Bella Thorne. Then Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino popped by the studio to dish on his new book — yes, you read that correctly — and his dream celeb entourage. And cutie boy band IM5 (who get compared to One Direction and The Wanted) showed off their singing skills!

Plus, MeghanCat and Joey decide who they’d choose out of Lovatics, Rushers, Jonatics, Beliebers and Directioners, and what celebrities they resemble. (Joey says Meghan looks like Jennette McCurdy — do you see it?)

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  • debby

    to me i no he is cool,niz and gud person i do dont think of all that i no by lookin at him u no d can of person he is

  • Kimberly J Hosty

    Hey I rather have Vinny as my hubby but then that impossible I live in Broward county Florida and he live outside of New Jersey..

  • Christy

    You guys are amazing<3

  • betty myers

    omg… i love u vinny so much it should have been u marrying skooki and got her pregnant instead of jioni!



  • Briana

    I conntrol my crazy by counting from 1 to 10 over and over..

  • kirsty

    i love vinny 😀

    • Mauva

      It’s really prttey simple. Vinny was (is?) the only true motorcycle mechanic OCC had working for them. He worked for dealerships in the past and OCC really came up to speed when they acquired him. The Teutels have made it quite clear that OCC is a family’ business. I’m sure Vinny was well compensated, but he was likely left out of the big money where the show was concerned. With the uncany success of the show, the expansion of OCC forthcoming, and even more money going around, Vinny felt it was time for him to come up to speed as well. I’m sure Paul Sr. had other plans. Vinny and Paul tried to come to terms, but they were miles apart. Vinny had to go.Despite their talents, Vinny, Rick, Cody, and all the other non-family workers who often find their way in front of a camera on the show are nothing more than support staff to Paul Sr. He’s the star, and with Discovery out of the way, he calls the shots. The previous producers would have never allowed this to happen. The bottom line? OCC is not a democracy. Vinny got tired of the nonsense, and Paul Sr. knew that there are thousands of qualified motorcycle mechanics who would kill to get a shot in his shop.

  • halima

    u soo look like janeat

  • jed

    u do look like jenat

  • halima

    u do look like jenat

  • paige

    I love Vinny. I think he is an amazing person and this season helped out a lot of people by sharing with the world his anxiety disorder. This really helps people everyday who are suffering from metal illness see that even celebrities need some help sometimes.
    I control my crazy through my friends and family. They keep me grounded and help me get through many crises in my life. They are always there for me when I need it and definitely help keep me sane lol!

  • tbkrcma

    Can’t wait to read the book!!!! My crazy is out of control!!!!

  • YoIt’sMe

    Congrats on your book Vinny, i would love to read it.

    Greetings from Denmark!

  • Vinny’s #1 Fan

    I really want the book!!:D I have read all the others, they are really good! BTW vinny u are awesome!!!