We don’t know about you, but we are suckers for a romantic tearjerker (The Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John) and we are beyond excited for The Lucky One with Zac Efron.

In honor of Friday’s release of The Lucky One, another Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie that seems destined to achieve classic status, we challenged Joey, Cat and Meghan to do a dramatic reading of one of the most memorable scenes from The Notebook… in the rain. Check it out above and be sure to catch The Lucky One in theaters April 20!

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14 Responses to "Pop Wars Episode 4: Meghan, Joey and Cat Reenact The Notebook!"

  1. Teen.com
    Sophie says:

    CAT!!!!!! I mean damn girl you’re amazing <3 and Joey was amazing too!
    Megan was good just good ;) didn't seem as into it as Cat

  2. Teen.com
    Trinity says:

    Joey :O :D :O :D ” talking ”

  3. Teen.com
    Joe says:

    Cat was the best!

  4. Teen.com
    Kassi says:

    Meghan Meghan Meghan. Definetly Oscar Worthy

  5. Teen.com
    SuperFun says:

    Wow… Kinda Strange But I Liked It I Guess Um… Joey And Meghan U To Look Good Together Wish U Actually Kissed Though Would Have Made Watching This A Bit More Fun Do It Again And Add Lots O Spice

    • Teen.com
      Axel says:

      As I recall, the deal was that the group of senrois all went together to the prom for pictures not the entire prom. Joey was your escort .ummm now I wonder what really went down .????Mom

  6. Teen.com
    Chloe Jacobs says:

    JOEY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out of the girls im gunna say Meghan BUT JOEY BY FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x but every1 was truly amazing

  7. Teen.com
    SarahNeverBeenHere says:

    FREAKING Joey and Meghan!!!!!!! they look kinda cute together (#wishfulthinking)

  8. Teen.com
    Ali says:

    joey made a pretty stinkin good noah

  9. Teen.com
    Lexi says:

    joey + meghan ;D
    the best!!

  10. Teen.com
    Mee says:

    That was pretty silly lol..maybe if it was a little more serious or a little more funny i would like it. but I liked meghans better…cat just looked mad lol

  11. Teen.com
    Brian Umphreyville says:

    Meghan won seriously, ahh i can’t choose both scenes were so great

  12. Teen.com
    Xiomi says:

    You all were so great! Oscars for all!!

  13. Teen.com
    Laurel says:

    Hahah Great Job!

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