We feel like you guys should be tipping Cat in cash every week for her advice on boys, high school and life in general. Non-Expert Advice is like your very own therapist, right? And this week she’s back with even more fab advice, from how to deal with a friend who makes you feel crappy to another friend who flirts with your BF. Yikes.

So find out how to deal with these situations above and be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for all new eps!

What’s your advice for these three probs? Have you ever dealt with any of these yourself?

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4 Responses to "Non Expert Expert Advice with Cat Episode 5: My Friends Make Me Feel Sucky (Plus More Advice!)"

  1. Teen.com
    Florence says:

    This post has hepeld me think things through

  2. Teen.com
    Juliaaaaa says:

    My I saw my older sisters boyfriend with (like on a date kissing at the movies). Should I tell her, because I’m afraid she won’t believe me and think I’m jealous. Catrific, HELP!!!

    • Teen.com
      So Selena Gomez says:

      I just want to give you some advice. You should tell her, and if that doesn’t work, I would talk to her boyfriend, and IF THAT DOEANT WORK, talk to your parents, because of all people, she will listen to them. Hope that helps, I know I’m no Catrific. Xx
      Good Luck!

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