And we are back, Clicksters, with a very special episode of The Click Clique to kick off this very fun, long Memorial Day Weekend! So to begin, we’ve got plenty of chat about our very own Survival of the Finnicks competition (and how Joey got kicked out — sorry, dude!), Selena’s scandalous yet hilarious Funny or Die spoof, and more that we’re clicking on this week.

Oh, and? We’ve also got guest appearances from Zendaya and Jordan from The Ready Set! Ready, set, watch TCC above!

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  • tyona

    Jordan Witzigreuter IS The Ready Set.

  • Nicole

    Joey or Meghans. You guys both really inspire me since you both were in tough situations and made it through and all the way to where you are now and just love what you do:) today i actually put you guys on a “who do you admire?” question

  • connor schuyler

    i want joeys shirt cuz hes freakin cute af nd he makes me laugh hahahahahaha anywayz yep thats y lol

  • Hannah

    I love Jordan Witzigreuter more than you will ever understand. He’s such an amazing guy and a huge inspiration to me. I’d be no where without him and his music <3

    • Hannah

      And why do you keep saying “Jordan from The Ready Set”? Witzigreuter isn’t THAT hard to say, lol xD

  • Katniss Everdeen

    😀 XOX

  • aweng


  • Veronica

    I really want Joey’s shirt! Its super freaking cool!

  • Tyrone

    Yeah new click clique

  • Breanna England

    hey joey meghan, and cat im a huge fan and i would absolutley love a joey graceffa tshirt. i watch his vlogs whenever i get the chance. so overall im a huge fan of all three of u

  • Victoria

    Hi zenny, always keep ur head up cos u r a success

    • Muelles

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