We haven’t been as excited about anything in a long time as we are about this — Zendaya on A.N.T Farm. We know, riiiight? So we went straight to the source — well, Meghan did, at least — to ask Z about her character on the show’s season 2 premiere, her and China being long-lost sisters (?!) and what the chances are of a Shake It Up/A.N.T Farm crossover. And we sure do like the sound of that.

So see what Z had to say in the interview above!

And be sure to watch our interview with Stefanie Scott, too, where she spills the deets on season 2!

A.N.T Farm‘s new season premieres Friday, June 1 on Disney Channel! Are you excited? Would you like to see the show crossover with SIU?

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  • Ryan

    Wow she is huge what does her parents feed her

  • Tren

    Z’s is the best actress

    • Tren

      she is super sexy

      • Lulu

        Lol Z is the best Disney superstar i have ever seen

  • bella thorne

    guys ı love zendaya

    • Isabella

      Me too I totally love zendaya

  • bianca

    zendaya is the best actor & singer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    How old is she

    • ****

      15 years old

  • Shania

    Guys dont post a rude comment to her keep your rude comments to yourself ps love u z ur my fav actress

  • jose orduno

    Zendaya sexy swag it out.

  • vanessa zuzette rodriguez chacon

    hi zendaya i am big fan sorry zswagger

  • random person

    thats cool although y is shake it up being cancelled

  • Jennmara

    I love Zendaya but she has to something with her tooth

  • Amalie

    I love you sooo cool you are

  • laroche oceanne

    njour mon reve est de devenir un jour une star mais je sais que c pas dacile comment je fais ..’

  • Olivia Jones

    You guys are so funny

  • jade

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    • Cassie

      Why u talking about ur self