Today is officially the end of an era, you guys. The first episode of the last season of Teen Mom! Wah! And to commemorate this momentous occasion in TV watching history, we caught up with Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Catelynn’s super cute boyf Tyler to get deets on season four. From Maci’s sad breakup with Kyle (for realz!) to Farrah’s “cry face” (she went there, not us!) to why Catelynn and Tyler kinda hate the way their story ended, we’ve baaaasically got answers to all your burning q’s. Including the cast’s secret celeb crushes!

So check out the gals (and guy) in the video above, and make sure to watch the season premiere of Teen Mom, tonight at 10pm on MTV!

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P.S. Stay tuned for Popcorn Questions with the cast of Teen Mom in this week’s Click Clique!

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  • Elizabeth Sevin

    I’ve watched Teen Mom since it began and I have always fast forwarded past Catelynn & Tyler becuz they are just a snoozfest – I wish the producers would drop those two and get someone interesting. Maci is my least favorite – she’s such an ugly little sour faced praying mantis look-a-like. She’s making her son into a real p_ss_y. Can’t even take him to daycare. She’s jealous of her son’s father’s girlfriend and she is extremely immature. Find it pathetic and hard to believe that anyone would pay her to speak regarding teen pregnancy, sex or anything above 5th grade level. Maci – you’d better grow up – quit treating your son like a pansy and you should thank your lucky stars that Kyle King ever gave you the time of day.

    • Salwa

      My Least favourite is Farah, i think she is so rude especially to her mother, the way her sister and her gained up on her mother or for her mothers beliefs weren’t right at all, the fact that her mom still is there for Farah and let her live in her house, etc shows shes a good mother, not only that but her mother does come and babysit whenever no matter how rude Farah is. I like Maci but i defiantly think she still has a little something, something for ryan and does get jealous when it comes to the other girlfriend but then again she did have his kid. He plays it off a lot cooler then her. Tyler and Katelyn are boring & I feel super bad for Garry hes always getting bullied by his gf and doesn’t even do anything, yet the blame goes on him for her being crazy poor guy.

    • TheAverIn

      I don’t see the big deal a bout catlynn and tyler they are nobody’s who made it big for giving up there kid WHICH was the right thing to do but they are milking it up for all its worth and act like big shots when in reality they are hillbilly inbreeds who weren’t properly taught about sex and protection and try to keep up and be as mature as some of the other teen moms they need to get over there worthless selves they take the money given to them for being a part of teen mom and use it to get a house but get a job so they seem mature HEY TYLER WHAT HAPPEN TO WORKING AT THE PIZZA PLACE U BUM AND WHO THE FUCK ARE U TO PUSH ANOTHER PERSON TO GO TO COLLAGE U NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL YOU SELF OR JUST DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND FIND UR SELF SO WE DONT HAVE TO HEAR UR CONSTANT REAPTING OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY JUST BE CAUSE UR HILLBILLY TRASH ITS FAKE SCUM LIKE U THAT TAKE OVER MTV AND FUCK OUR CHILDREN UP SO BAD IF I WANTED MY KID TO THINKS IT OK TO HAVE SEX BEFOR MARRIAGEAND TO BE FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD LIKE UR FAMILY ISIWOULD PASS HER OFF TO UR ABUESIVE WHITE TRASH STEP DAD WHO IS IN JAIL.

  • Soph

    i watched it once but my mum said i’m not allowed to watch it:(

  • Javi

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    Lol, Farrah’s cry face! That is so funny. Teen Mom is still one of my favorite shows and I am glad it’s returned. I don’t really have a favorite anymore but I still enjoy watching all their drama. My boyfriend is so sweet; he recorded this show last night on our Hopper since I had to work late at Dish. Luckily he was able to record his show at the same time too. Anyway I think this season is going to be wild and crazy and I can’t wait to go along for the ride.

    • adriana

      wow i also like teem mom.

    • Elizabeth Sevin

      There are some things that bother me about Farrah – it seems she goes from behaving in a mature manner to flipping out about things her parents are trying to teach her. Look what she did in the petshop – Sophia clearly wanted a fish but they leave with a sweet little French Bulldog. Trust me – this poor little dog will go the same way as the other one that Farrah said was ‘too hyper’. Farrah – most puppies remain hyper until about the age of two years. You are utterly ridiculous getting another dog. I wish there were stricter laws in this country regarding pet ownership. Odds are 100-1 that the French Bullie ended up on Craig’s List as a giveaway or she got rid of him some other way.

  • kayla

    I love teen mom i will sit on the couch and eat junk food all day and whatch teen mom . love it