This week is Eff Yeah!‘s first ever giveaway, featuring a $50 gift card from society6, the cell phone case brand which I featured in a previous episode! How exciting is that! Leave me some awesome comments below to enter to win. The two other things in this week’s ep are a foam (yes, foam) pickaxe from Minecraft, and if any of you don’t know about Minecraft, it’s a video game where you can build anything you want from building blocks. Lastly, I found a chair that is an exact replica of the iron throne from Game of Thrones! The down side is that it’s $30,000…but dreams can come true. I would know since I finally got my wish for a giant Totoro!

Think there’s something I should be obsessed with? Chances are that eff yeah…I want it. Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to comment to enter to win the society6 gift card!

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10 Responses to "Eff Yeah! I Want That! Episode 11: Minecraft, Society6, And More!"

    Carolina says:

    Omg I would love that gift card and It would be nice to get this because I’ve been saving for 8 years and finally I have a phone but I dont have anymore money to buy a case for it.

    Sarah says:

    hey im a huge fan ive been watching your videos from the begining and i think your really cool and fun. those cases look amaizing and i really need a new iphone case hop i win

    Mariah says:

    Hey Joey! I think it would be soo cool to win the gift card! I am in dire need of a phone case for my phone!

    Brenna says:

    I recently went to the society6 site and its AWESOME. My mom was sitting right across from me and i named about 20 things that i want and my mom was like “Brenna…..your not getting all that.”

    Cole says:

    I just think your amazing! Everyday when i watch my daily dosage of youtube videos from oh so many youtubers, i always go to your channel first because its just so fun and great and awesome! JUST LIKE YOU!

    Jonathan M says:

    Heyy xD Here is my comment

    Raul says:

    Recently started watching your videos and they are really entertaining so thumbs up there! I have an iphone and would really like a nice iphone case because the ones I currently have are all cheap. Oh btw you mentioned Return to Oz in yesterdays video and I so remember that movie and I have it on VHS lol I thought I was the only person in the world that remembered that movie :)

    Totoro ☺ says:

    Your amazing and I think those cases are so cool would be so great to win one

    Ed says:

    Hi I think your really awesome and want a case badly hope I win

    Milo says:

    Hey first comment yeah I really want a society six case

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