Remember when we had Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson in the same episode of The Click Clique? It was NOT a coincidence, you guys. They’re going on tour togeth this summer! And we went straight to the source, aka Cody, to get deets on the guys’ summer plans, plus the scoop on Cody’s thoughts on that other boy band, One Direction. Oh, and the Codester also told Cat the way to his heart! Here’s a hint, ladies: DIY…

Cody’s EP, “Preview to Paradise,” is out now! Are you a fan of his new single, “Got Me Good?” Are you gonna see Cody perform with BTR?

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Cody Simpson Answers Popcorn Questions!

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One Response to "Cody Simpson Spills on Summer Tour with Big Time Rush and His Thoughts on One Direction!"

    Malia Schwieterman says:

    It Would Be Awesome to meet him<3 Can I meet him?(:

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