First things first — my apologies for the super closeness of this week’s Non-Expert Advice. I don’t have my tripod this week. Whoops! But now let’s move on and get to the advice. I tell you how to handle controlling friends (ugh, that’s the worst), what to do when a friend moves away, and more. And I even threw my favorite Dr. Seuss quote in the mix!

So watch above for my advice and be sure to come back every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more!

What’d you think of today’s advice? Have you ever been in similar situations? How would you handle it?

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  • Bridget.D

    Dear Cat,
    My Best Friend has some friend in a cooler group that I’m not a part of. When she with them it like she does like me or she not my friend and she’ll always give me bad look. What should i do?

  • NanaBug48

    I have a friend who only hangs out with me because we have a mutual friend. She doesn’t really like me but I like hanging out with our other friend. The thing is they have been friends longer and I don’t wanna break their friendship. How do I deal with this?

  • Chika12

    I like to hang with my friends at school but there is one girl who is kinda mean to me and she only sits with us because she is friends with one, how do i tell her to stop?