Remember when Joey said he wanted a horse in this week’s episode of Eff Yeah? He got that idea while filming this week’s Pop Wars — horseback riding edition! Joey, Meghan and Cat made like Kristen Stewart in Snow White & The Huntsman and saddled up to see which of the three is the best horseback rider ever. And yes, that’s a thing. They had horse expert Trace to teach them the ropes (um, literally), but watch the video above to see who won the challenge this week!

Who’s the best horse-rider? Have you ever saddled up?

Watch Joey and Meghan Compete in the Twilight Trivia Challenge!

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4 Responses to "Pop Wars, Episode 14: Horseback Riding Challenge!"

    Rossy says:

    Trust me I’m just as confused/surprised as you are. I don’t hostnely know where it has all come from either. First off, I coach basketball and got my coaching check shortly after we started this, which was a good chunk of that. Normally we would use that for Christmas presents and actually used very little of it this year. Second, Meghan and I both got paid 3 times each during those 5 weeks. We understand we aren’t going to be able to pay down our debt by $1000/week every week, but somehow did during the first part of this process. Last weekend I was only able to pay off about $300 and this week about $800 but every little bit counts and is getting us closer to our end goal.

    Jojo says:

    Joey I love Joey

    Jennifer D says:

    I LOVE horses and I would LOVE to win one of ur shirts =D

    Korrin Bray says:

    I think Joey was the best.
    ^_^ were awesome..but you were the scardiest.

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