We’ve already shown you exclusive pictures from Jennifer Lawrence‘s new movie — the creepy thriller, The House at the End of the Street — but we are upping it with this, a first look at the TV spot (a.k.a. the TV commercial) for the movie. Technically this aired last night during the Teen Choice Awards, but it’s making its online debut! The clip shows the romance brewing between Jennifer’s character, Elissa, and her new neighbor, played by Max Theriot, who happens to live in a haunted house. Like, literally though. Not the Halloween kind.

So watch the HATES clip above (best acronym ever), and be sure to catch the flick when it comes out September 21!

Exclusive Pics from Jen Lawrence’s New Movie!

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One Response to "Exclusive First Look at Jennifer Lawrence And Max Theriot in ‘The House At the End of the Street’ (VIDEO)"

  1. Teen.com
    princessreglamos says:

    this is the best horror movie and the best love team, they were a good partner and they both do a goood job.

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