And we’re back with another episode of Non-Expert Advice! This week I’m talking to you about what to do if you’re shy, how to start eating healthy, and what to do if the guy you like flirts with everyone.

So watch what I say above, and then be sure to come back every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more!

What’d you think of today’s advice? Have you ever been in similar situations? How would you handle it?

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  • Kayla_love

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love singing and and when Im by my self I sing and I try to sing low but I just cant I just love to sing and I get scared when I hear someone by my door and when I catch someone watching me sing I get even more scared I wanna sing out lound were every one can see me but I just cant and I hate it soo much and I mostly sing to the best boy band ever anf of course thats One Direction<3 Cat can you help me please?!?!