Did you know that Meghan and Cat are competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics? Haha. Jk, We obvs mean Teen.com’s Pop Wars‘s Olympics, but Los Angeles and London are totally the same thing. Anywho, see what “Olympic sport” we got the girls to play in this week’s episode (hint: a joystick may or may not be involved), and be sure to tell us your fave Olympic sport in the comments below!

Watch The Bieber Trivia Battle on Pop Wars!

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  • Irena

    I think we “vote” with our dollars. If the race has a good cause, a good corsue, is well organized, well advertised, has a nice t-shirt, has walkers to bring up the rear, awards for age categories, well placed water stations, etc., then these things often attract a higher willingness to pay. And these races are more costly to put on. I enjoy running for the social interaction that occurs in a big race. I’m willing to pay for that. I don’t enjoy the smaller races and coming in next to last behind the more serious runners. Thus, I am less willing to pay the same price for a smaller, less publicized race. But that is just my preference. Serious runners could probably use a lower price to support their runners’ highs. But they should expect fewer perks for the lower price as well. However, I think serious runners tend to be the ones more willing to pay a higher price, so they get stuck with higher entry fees even in the smaller races.