One of the topics I talk to you about in this week’s Non-Expert Advice is pretty scandalous — one girl has a BFF who’s texting guys who aren’t her boyfriend! But on a lighter note, I’ll also tell you how to tell your parents you created a YouTube channel and also how to get over a guy you’ve been crushing on for seven years. Yes, seven.

So watch what I say above, and then be sure to come back every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more!

What’d you think of today’s advice? Have you ever been in similar situations? How would you handle it?

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4 Responses to "Non-Expert Advice with Cat Episode 20: My Friend Sexts a Guy That’s Not Her Boyfriend!"

    Syd ✌ says:

    To be completely honest, I love your advice. It’s so refreshing and realistic. When you talk about the problem, you can tell you really understand it.

    J says:

    Hey Cat!!!!! So I have a “friend” and we used to talk but she started ignoring me and talking bad behind my back and saying she misses us hanging out but if I try I can tell she doesn’t want to because she’s always just like “yeah” or “uh huh” and walks off so how can what should I do???????

      anonymous says:

      stop talking to that person

        Abduljaleelkk says:

        I enjoy running local etevns with fundraising or a charitable cause. The bigger races draw big sponsors, they need to use more of the ad revenue to control race fees. Paying over $110 for a marathon hurts the participants. We’re the ones pounding the pavement, and challenging our bodies and pushing our minds. I would race more if it cost less. $hoes, travel, food, hotels, it all adds up quickly.

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