Sure, we’ve interviewed Bella Thorne and Zendaya a bunch of times because we’re pretty much besties, but this time was different. This time, we (well, our host Cat) got to go to the set of Shake It Up and hang out with the gals backstage as they filmed the episode, Shake It Up: Made In Japan, which is an epic three-part finale. Wowzer. So see what B+Z told us about Japanese culture, their upcoming duets (like this recent one!), and Zendaya’s booming music career. What a coincidence that just yesterday news broke about her record deal! Awesome timing.

Watch the interview above, and be sure to watch the Japanese-themed episode on Friday, August 17 from 8-9:30pm ET on Disney Channel!

Watch Bella and Zendaya’s New Music Video!

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9 Responses to "Bella and Zendaya Spill on Upcoming Duets in the Shake It Up: Made In Japan’ Three-Part Finale!"

    Dj says:

    I hope shake it uP never ends it awesome

    Felicity says:

    Are shake it up ended since this is a final episode?:(

      Hermie says:

      Yes, there are some places to eat later. You’ll have to check the Personal Navigator on each criuse, but generally, Luigi’s Pizzeria is open late, there’s a late night snack buffet in The District adult area, Cabanas buffet is sometimes open late, and there’s always a buffet the night of the pirate party. Room service is also available 24 hours a day.

      Hydha says:

      When I saw the ad on the internet, I tohguht that this is a very cool idea. The design is also very nice with a bunch of great colours. This is a cool watch. But to be honest, the price is too expensive, especially [...]

    Andrea says:

    I do like Disney, especially Bella, She’s such a sweety :)

    zia says:

    sry my friend typed that but seriously nobody likes that

    zia says:


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