You already saw who won the gold in’s Pop Wars Olympics last week. (And if you didn’t, you should click and watch rightthissecond!) But what you probably didn’t realize was that that was only round 1. That’s right, numero uno. So for this week, we’re presenting you with totally new “Olympic sports” in round 2 — like hula-hooping and ribbon-dancing. Totally legit, we know. Between Meghan and Cat, who will be crowned the winner this time around? Check it out, then tell us your favorite moment of the 2012 Olympics! (The real one.)

Watch Pop Wars: Olympics Edition (Round 1)!

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  • Juri

    The video exploits a very well-known issue in pclohsyogy, empathy, towards making the viewer feel uneasy. It just works, it is automatic. And the video is fake, the genitalia is a roughly-made prosthetic prop. Seen lots more realistic ones in last Se3o Paulo’s ZOMBIEWALK: moving amputated limbs, pumping exposed brains inside trepanated skulls still on the owners’ shoulders bountiful ammounts of bare blood-spewing vessels, spiky tendons ends and half-sawn-half-broken bones and newsreel-realistic self-inflicted real-time mutilations, injuries and beheadings performed live with bottlenecks, glass shards, chainsaws, or heavy machetes, or butcher hatchets. Real, shiny, noisy, fully functional, well-honed instruments. Fake injuries. The fine art of illusionism involved. Highly-skilled amateurs. Two million undead took to the streets of Se3o Paulo. NOT A SINGLE MILIGRAM of real hemoglobin wasted, not even by accident (menstruation excluded) no casualties, not a single accident. Normal people watched and fainted, puked, turned away, fleed in despair. Empathy works.

  • Maggie

    Should have been Meghan but i like Cat more soo who cares???