So I’m back from London now so this week’s Eff Yeah! won’t be as good as last week’s, but regardless, I’ve picked some pretty cool products to highlight this week, like the new and improve Furby, the book Insurgent and, of course The Hunger Games on DVD/Blu Ray.

So see what I have to stay about that stuff above, and don’t forget to also tell me what you’re loving right now, too, because odds are, Eff yeah, I want it!

Check Out Last Week’s Episode From London, England!

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  • jefferie james

    I have an old Furby that I have saved. Waiting for the new guy.. Yeah..

  • nancy

    try arizona green tea for the snack or drink even though it’s not in this episode

  • Sam

    So excited for THG DVD/Blu ray as well!!! Can’t wait to watch it again. On my list of books to read: 1. Divergent 2. Insurgent. 😀

    • Nexhmije

      I’m most definitely going to have to DISAGREE with you on those chioces!! Haha.Eff – Mr. JT. No explanation needed.Marry – JC. He’s just so…. loveable. And his voice during ballads makes me MELT!Kill – Joey. Sorry, bro. (I still love you.) :-\