While most perfume trailers are filled with pretty music, flowers and cute boys (cough Taylor Swift), in typical Lady Gaga fashion, the trailer for her perfume, “Fame,” which comes out in September, is completely out of the ordinary. We’re honestly not too sure what exactly we’re watching in the video – is it happening on another planet? A jail? Think “Born This Way” meets Men in Black…does that make sense? Probably not, but, like everything else Gaga does, even though we’re confused 99 percent of the time, we can’t help but kind of want in. Check it out for yourself!

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3 Responses to "Watch the Trailer for Lady Gaga’s Perfume, ‘Fame!’"

  1. Teen.com
    Monster says:

    this is perfect

  2. Teen.com
    Cay says:

    WTF did I just watch

  3. Teen.com
    Chelle says:


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