Sure, Joey already talked about this weekend’s release of The Hunger Games on DVD in his episode of Eff Yeah, but we here at can never have too much THG. So we got Meghan and Cat to complete a Hunger Games-inspired challenge for this week’s Pop Wars. We had the girls try to draw different people or objects made famous by the movies (like Katniss and the mockingjay pin, for example). And the fun part? You decide who wins by telling us your picks in the comments, which automatically enters you for a chance to win the movie on DVD! Oh, the things we do for you guys.

Check it out above!

Watch Pop Wars: Olympics Edition (Round 1)!

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  • Dyana

    Meghan! But I wish Joey was there

  • Lizbeth

    Meghan won all of them

  • Ava

    Megan won

  • Sarah

    Meghan was better

  • Gergana

    Meghan was better

  • Ashlyn Nelson

    I believe Cat was better!!! 😀 <3

    -a fellow kitten in the audience

  • Stephanie

    Meghan won all three rounds

  • ceide

    Meghan’s were da best lol~~ they were cute and the closest
    think cat was trying tooooooo hard

  • maylee

    i think cat did

  • Katie

    Sorry Cat but Megan was the BEST!!!

  • Breanna

    I defiantly think Meghan did the best. Cat didnt really know how to draw them so definitely Meghan

  • Hannah

    So Cat won the first two and Meghan won the last one. :) Good job girlies!!

  • holly

    Meghan was the best!